Celeb Battle: Whose Ed Sheeran Cover is Better, Kendall Schmidt’s or Niall Horan’s?

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Clearly we have a little thing right now for Ed Sheeran (yup, he’s even cute as an old man), so when we discovered that TWO of our fave boy band members covered Ed’s recent hit, “The A Team,” obvs we were alllll over that. “And what a perfect idea for a Celeb Battle!” we thought to ourselves.

So as this week’s competition, we’re pitting One Direction‘s version (led by Niall Horan, BTW) of the song against Kendall Schmidt from Big Time Rush‘s. But ladies and gents, please don’t use this as a Boy Band battle — we’ve already done that — but instead, put your focus on the music. Whose Ed cover is better? Whose voice makes you swoon even more? We’ve got videos of both versions below to help ya cast your vote!

So get crackin’ on the voting below (seriously, that means send it to all your friends/family/cousins/grandparents so that your pick can win) and tell us who you picked and why in the comments!

Find Out Who Won Our Battle of the Boy Bands!

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743 Responses to "Celeb Battle: Whose Ed Sheeran Cover is Better, Kendall Schmidt’s or Niall Horan’s?"

  1. Teen.com
    cielo says:

    Niall meu idolo perfeito

  2. Teen.com
    giovanna says:

    kendall pq ele é perfect e ele é meu ídolo!!!

  3. Teen.com
    Jessica da silva says:

    Niial é perfeito.

  4. Teen.com
    desyrée says:

    Kendall is much better he’s perfect <333333

  5. Teen.com
    Carol says:

    Kendall <3 Forever <3 #jay #btr #kendall #Los #logan

  6. Teen.com
    Vitoria Maslow says:

    Kends, confio em tu! I <3 You! <3.<3

  7. Teen.com
    Anna says:

    Of course Kendall!!!!! Greece Loves You Kendall!!!! <3

  8. Teen.com
    Vitoria Maslow says:

    Kends .. tu vai ganha! *vibração positiva no ar* confio em tu! s2′

  9. Teen.com
    yasmin says:


  10. Teen.com


  11. Teen.com
    gisele says:

    I was in Sao Paulo on that anger to have gone on!

  12. Teen.com
    nicole says:


  13. Teen.com
    Stelina says:

    I choose Kendall because his voice is just perfect. I absolutely enjoy listening to him. And btw his high notes are ASDFGHJKL. You can feel the emotions in his voice. I don’t say Niall’s bad, but for me Kendall is THE BEST<3

  14. Teen.com
    Abby says:

    Kendall Schmidt all the way! His is better than Niall’s cover. (Sorry for a the Niall-lovers out there, but Kendall’s much better!)

  15. Teen.com
    rusher says:

    kendall schmidt <3 <3 <3

  16. Teen.com
    Carlos says:

    I think Kendall Has a WAY BETTER COVER! Kendall is my choice! Don’t forget ladies Niall is really good also.

  17. Teen.com
    AshleY Welch says:

    Kendall killed it end of discussion! In this case #RUSHERS Rule!

  18. Teen.com
    One Direction says:

    Nialls has bad quality you could barely here him that’s why…

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