Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Are Rumored to Get Matching Tattoos

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Harry Styles’ and Zayn Malik’s new tattoos were all the rage this week, but Jelena’s may be next. Rumors say that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber (pictured with his baby siblings, Jazmyn and Jaxon) are preparing to get inked up — together — at tattoo artist Bang Bang’s shop in New York City.

According to Hollyscoop, “the source could not reveal details on what type of art [the couple] had in mind, [but] the source did say that they were planning on getting ‘something small.'”

This news came just one day prior to Justin’s appearance on Late Show with David Letterman, where David openly disapproved of the singer’s ink on last night’s episode.

He says, “How does that help how you look to have a tattoo?” Justin was quick to defend himself though, saying “How does it not– I mean, it doesn’t not help the way I look.” And then continues to talk about his newest piece of his collection of tattoos, the word “Believe” on his left arm to express his love for his new album.

Watch David bicker with, and physically attack Justin (in a playful way) below!

“Believe” is Justin’s sixth tat along with a bird on his hip, a star on his elbow, ‘Jesus’ written in Hebrew on his ribcage, an image of Jesus on his leg, and praying hands on his other leg.

Do you think Justin and Selena should get matching tattoos? Or is it a bad idea? What are your thoughts on JB’s latest ink? And do you have any of your own?

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  • Layu

    Selena and Justin should never be together .. Selena should deserve a much better person than him . ..

    • justin bieber

      shut up quit hateing in our love i am good ad so is she

  • Dimend kiss

    i love JB but hate SG. LOL

  • ll

    Omg!!!!!! Dose inty 1 no y he likes her??????????

  • Mikayla

    I would say yes if it’s a subtle tattoo and is something that matches but doesn’t have any names or anything on it just in case they break up.

  • Zohaa

    they did break up, i dont no why they still have this on

    • Jazmine

      U r so true

  • Hhutch

    No, it’s tacky. Plus Justin already has to many tattoos, and what if they broke up!?!

  • Nony

    I dont think its a great idea. What if they broke up? Everytime they looked at that tattoo they would be reminded of it. How much would it suck to have something perminent on your body that you see everyday that reminds you of you ex and your heart break?

  • Zohaa

    he turned her into a bad person

    • ChellzPanda

      i agree i dont know if its just me or anything but ever since she’s been with him, more and more people start to hate her but i love her..they’re an adorable couple

      • Laurie

        The only reason why a lot more people started to hate on Selena is because of her relationship with Justin. Half of her haters are JB fans – or whatever it is they call themselves.

  • Belieber

    They should, they are cute together. Even if it’s just a little heart tattoo<3

  • ramiah


  • ramiah

    how do i change i came out as a boy

  • ramiah

    well they seem lik a good couple and if thats what they want to do hey what the heck just let them do it

  • chingchowcowz

    I personaly think they should bec they r in liove and i luv them to and im crossing my fingers maybe in a couple years they will get married.. getting matching tat. will be cute and a small little thing is not going to kill them so i say do it! luv them!

  • unique freak!

    i say get matching tattoos whe!n married if they even get married its just easier to do that!

    my opion! :)

  • Jess

    i think it’s cute if they got very tiny matching ones, something that will always remind them of this specific time in their lives whether they stay together or not, as long as it’s something small :)