Barack Obama’s Singing Again & Covers Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend”

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Barack ObamaIf you thought Barack Obama’s psudeo-cover of “Call Me Maybe” was the most hilar thing you’ve seen all year, we’ve got another LOL-worthy vid that will most likely make you rethink who takes the cake. Youtube sensation Baracksdubs is back yet again with another Obama cover video just in time to celebrate the release of Justin Bieber’s Believe.

In his latest video, President Obama has serious Bieber-fever (he mentions Justin before the cover begins, btw), covering his popular single, “Boyfriend.”

Are we still aware that Obama technically isn’t covering the song? Yes. Do we still find it the most awesome thing ever? Also yes. So watch below and see for yourself. What was Obama really talking about when he said ‘swag’???

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8 Responses to "Barack Obama’s Singing Again & Covers Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend”"

    Lizzy says:

    hahaha! bush was worse

    Dominicanchick says:

    This is funny but i still don’t like Justin bieber i love Mindless behavior princeton <3

    Emily says:

    Hahahaha I like this guy who makes these videos! :D

    Zara says:

    haha awesome! he is so the coolest president ever

    hazel says:

    Wow barack obama is the coolest president EvEr!!!!!

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