Happy National Sunglasses Day! Celebrities That Wear Different Sunglasses Trends

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Happy National Sunglasses Day, guys! Yes, that’s really a thing. So to celebrate this momentous day, we’re showing you pics of our fave celebs — Rihanna, Jennifer Lawrence and Zac Efron, to name a few, who rock tons of pairs of sunnies in their everyday fabulous lives. So peep ’em all below, and go celebrate! With like, a trip to Sunglass Hut or something. Moving on…

Dianna Agron
This Glee gal can basically wear anything. Di’s sporting specs that were trendy in the 50’s, 80’s, and the 2000’s. That’s versatility, guys.


RiRi has been known to make some pretty bold style choices, but funky or not, we can all agree that the girl seriously knows what’s up when it comes to sunglasses.


Jennifer Lawrence
Ray-Bans first made Aviator glasses, just like the ones Jen’s wearing in the pic on the right, for pilots in the ’30s. But now they’re cool yet again! Funny how things work out.


Zac Efron
These pics require no commentary whatsoever. We’re gonna just sit and stare at ’em for a while if that’s cool…


Ashley Tisdale
Whether she’s out with the BF, going to the gym or being her regular celeb self, Miss Tis always has the most fashionable lenses!

Khloe Kardashian Odom
Khloe and her sisters definitely love sunglasses. They have their own line of them in the Kardashian Kollection. Go figure.


Kellan Lutz
Kellan spends tons of time outside looking hot working out or playing with his dogs, so he needs a few solid pairs of sunnies. Clearly dudes got quite a few.


Miley Cyrus
The future Mrs. Hemsworth pulls off every type of lens like a rock star! And we’re not even just saying that because she is one.


Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton and BFF Nicole Richie were the queens of over-sized sunglasses when they were famous. Not much has changed.


What do we have here? Snooki wearing a few pairs of sunglasses that don’t have leopard print all over them? She’s totally growing up, you guys.


Vanessa Hudgens
V is clearly known for her boho-ness, but the sunnies she sports are classics that are perfect accessories for her gym uniforms. Or ever, really.


Whose sunnies are your fave? Which sunglasses trend are you rockin’ this summer?

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  • Allana Hicks

    Dianna and Jen for the most rocking glasses!

  • Angela

    Rihanna sure can rock anything.. Can’t imagine anyone else pulling off her 2nd look & those outrageous sunglasses! Totally <3 it!!!!!! Paris and Zac Efron look awesome too..

  • K8


  • Sassa


  • Peter Mason

    Out of all the glasses on show here, I can’t decide which is my favourite. I think it’s fair to say that I can categorically say that the oversized glasses are still very much in fashion with the ladies.

  • Lil shenequa

    Miley cyrus looks chic and like a rock star she looks gud the best

  • zack

    divine glasses