PLL Recap: Which Girl Had it the Hardest on Last Night’s Ep?

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What this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, “Birds of a Feather,” lacked in Ezra and Toby hotness (seriously, where the eff were they?!) made up for in other guy hotness — like the return of Jason and the introduction of Maya’s good-looking cousin, Nate. But with these dudes came plenty of drama, of course. So read on for our recap and you tell us which girl had it the roughest last night!

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1. What happened with Aria? Aria’s parents’ divorce is officially happening, and she finds out her dad and Meredith are officially an item. So to make her mom feel better, she signs her up for online dating, Ella finds out via Hanna’s mom, and the mother and daughter duo have a laugh over it. Hey, “HotMama” is kinda a funny dating profile username…


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2. What happened with Emily? Now with that whole English test saga behind her, Emily can focus on other things again, like Maya. She gets a special visit from Maya’s cousin, Nate, who comes to Rosewood because he’s studying at Hollis. He comes bearing gifts — a t-shirt of the movie she and Maya saw together on their first date — from Maya’s parents, but when Maya asks for their address so she can send them a thank you note, Nate gets all sketchy and it’s kinda obvious something is up. And things got weirder when he said he wanted to leave Rosewood already because all people talk about there is Maya’s death. Uh, clearly the guy has never heard of a girl named Allison DeLaurentis…


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3. What happened with Spencer? Spencer and the rest of the Hastings family get a visit from Jason, who is angry that Veronica is representing Garrett — he killed his sister, ya know?! So when Jason tells Spencer that he thinks it’s because her mom has ulterior motives, Spencer puts her detective hat on and finds out the truth. And here it is: 1) Melissa admits to losing the baby the night after Ian disappeared. The only people who knew the truth was her parents and Garrett. Go figure. 2) Melissa was the one wearing the black swan costume at the masquerade ball, but only because she was forced to. She claims someone left a note with the costume, demanding that she wear it or else the truth would get out about the baby. 3) Spencer’s mom admits to defending Garrett because she is protecting Melissa — she knows Melissa is innocent but is afraid the jury will think otherwise if they find out she was faking her pregnancy, aka is psycho. Got all that?!


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Oh, and we should prob also note that Jason left a note (get it?) around Rosewood offering a $50,000 reward for whoever can find remains of Allison’s body. He claims to have gotten over 200 calls with leads, but at the end of the episode, we see him writing out the check to cash and calling someone to meet him in the parking lot in ten mins. Could that have been Wilden, who we later find out has a court order allowing him to visit Mona? Oh dear.


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4. What happened with Hanna? Hanna goes about her usual business of visiting Mona at the treatment center, but later finds out that Mona isn’t allowed visitors after she had a freak out after an incident with a male visitor last week. Hanna thinks it was Lucas who caused that, but Caleb admits it was him. Then Hanna gets mad he went behind her back and is getting so involved, so Aria tells her she needs to tell Caleb that the “A” saga hasn’t entirely ended. But just when she is about to tell him, she gets a text from “A” with a pic of police in Montecito — where Caleb’s mom had just gotten into a car accident. Creepy. So instead of letting him in on the secret, Caleb gets mad that she’s pushing him away and keeping him in the dark — so he dumps her. And then she cried a lot and so did we. Wah.


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So, who had the worst night? Is Nate hiding something? Is Melissa telling the truth (though we doubt it)? And will Haleb ever rekindle?!

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PLL Recap: Which Girl Had it the Hardest on Last Night’s Ep?
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  • Patricia

    I think that either Melissa or Maya is A.Maya beucase she moved into Allison’s old room and could have read her diary about all those girls. And Melissa for obvious reasons. I think Spencer hurt Allison, but I don’t think she killed her. I think after Spencer went inside, someone else came and killed Allison. I think whoever it is has been doing all the killings and stuff in the woods.I know I think too much.I can’t waitt for Unbelievable!And duhh Hannah’s dead that’s what happens when you get run over by an suv.Sorry if I spoil anything for anyone!

  • samaria

    poor hanna I actally fill bad for all of them.

  • jennifer

    A Hanna deve a pior noite *-*-* coitada dela ;/

  • Destiny Simpson

    I THINK Hanna DID! :'( Im soo PISSED at Caleb jerk wad!

  • Lizzie

    I feel so creeped out with Nate. Like he should’ve just given Emily the address. But, pretty much everyone is creepy on this show, right?

  • Chanel I love you

    I love you Chanel… Omg you are so pretty and really talented..

  • Chanel

    Year its me. Get real, and find someone else to stalke. Gosh like I get more than 1000 email from you typical fans, can’t you just move one, and spend your life on doing something else, like not wasting my time deleting all you ” I love you” emails. I know I sound like a bitch, but you guys really need to hear this..

    • October

      First of all I have never heard of you before so I think you should stop acting like a big celebrity who doesn’t have time for their fans. You should be flattered. If it really bothers you that much just make a new email address.

  • Chanel

    Who is Nate ?

    • I love Chanel

      Omg are you Chanel O’conner. If it is you Omg I love you soo much.. I can’t believe that you also watch pLL., cuz that’s awesome!!

  • Rachel

    Hanna and Spence!

  • Jules

    Definitly Hannah!

  • EV

    Hanna and Spence, 100%

  • PLLfan

    I think Hanna had the worst night and kind of Spencer too. I hope Hanna and Caleb get back together, I can’t see her with anyone else.


    Yeah poor Hanna. A is really geting on my nerves this time !!!!!! I’m feeling sorry for Spencer too. :( ;(

    • victor

      you guys are all wrong !!!!!!!!!!!! no one killed ali the body they found was aloisn twin sister , aloisn killed her her sister used to live in a mental hospital but since the twin always said she was aloisn .. her parents mistaked aloisn for her twin (coutney) so they sent her off to the wacko house. there are two A’s . first one is Mona then she died then the REAL A was Ali !!!!!!! melissa or the officer had nothing to do with it try reading the book

  • Lois

    I think Spencer and Hanna had the worst night.

    • Sahil

      I think Jenna is A. It all works out though too.-You hurt me so I’ll hurt you.-They tguhoht Toby was A and the only person Toby talked to was Jenna-She has A’s to her name-Jenna said I’ve gone through worse things, (Flawless what happens next ) She said she would have killed herself if she was Toby also-Karma’s a b****- ahem FEMALE dog-When the girls were talking about how Toby was the only one who knew about The Jenna Thing umm you forgot about the person who WAS the Jenna thing Jenna-She wasn’t always blind which means she would know how to use a cell phone and a computer+ she went to a school for the blind so they might’ve also taught her other things.

  • 1105!

    Poor Hanna! I almost couldn’t bear seeing her crying her eyes out when Aria was holding her.