Ariel Winter Stars as Dora the Explorer in The College Humor Movie Spoof (VIDEO)

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ariel-winter-dora-the-explorerHola and happy Friday! We think we’ve found the perfect thing to kick off your July 4th weekend — a video of Ariel Winter as Dora the Explorer. The genius idea for a video spoof was done by none other than the cool guys and gals at College Humor, who are making the cute cartoon into a live-action movie, you guys! JK. Just the trailer for a movie. It’s like Dora and Diego all grown up and with weapons, bad guys, and blowing stuff up.

Peep the vid starring the Modern Family star below. Doesn’t Ariel make a good senorita?

What did ya think of the video? Does Ariel make a good Dora? Should this movie actually be made?

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  • Dave101

    Ariel’s breasts are really impressive for 14!

  • Chantelle

    I’d see this! Probably because I hate that programme & that looks like an action comedy taking the mick out of Dora the explorer LoL!!!

  • Dayne

    I’d actually see it for the heck off it… Think it’ll be fun with a couple chicks and a few beers

  • Crystal

    “swiper he’s right behind you!”
    “where? can you tell me?”
    ROFLOL love it :) this would make an amazing movie 😛

  • Sara

    I would see this 😛

  • Sufiya

    This is too hilarious i would defintley go to see it

  • Melissa

    the sad thing is I’d probably go see this movie…