10 Things to Know About Ross Lynch and His Band, R5!

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R5 Official Facebook

Clearly Teen.com readers have a thing for Ross Lynch. He won our Battle of the Blonde Hearthrobs, ya know! But when we found out that Ross and his siblings’ band R5 signed a deal with Hollywood Records, we knew we had to give you more info on Ross, aside from the usual stuff we’ve already told you about him and his Austin & Ally cast mates. So here goes: R5 is made up of Ross, his brothers Riker and Rocky, his sister Rydel, and their best friend Ellington Ratliff. The family moved from Littleton, Colorado to California where Ross landed a spot on Disney’s Austin & Ally, and Riker became a warbler on Glee! The siblings met Ratliff at a dance studio in Cali and added him to the band once they found out he played the drums.

They’re currently working on a studio album set to be released in 2013! Want to brush up on your R5 knowledge even more? Find out who their famous cousins are, their youngest brother Ryland’s role in the band, and how Rocky got his name!

1. When the siblings were younger, they used to put on shows in their basement featuring *NSync songs complete with dance moves. They also charged family members a dollar to get in! PS, how cute is Ross in this throwback pic?!

R5 Official Facebook

2. Their youngest brother, Ryland, is their “manager”. He told Hopeless Thunder, “As long as they do exactly what I tell them to do, there are no problems. They know who’s the boss.” Not a bad gig to have!

R5 Official Facebook

3. The Lynches cousins are professional dancers (and professional hotties) Derek and Julianne Hough!

R5 Official Myspace

4. Riker (bass and lead vocals) got to name his younger brother, Rocky!


5. Rydel, who plays keyboards and is the only girl in the band, was involved with the pilot episode for Bunheads. Ry told Teen Ink, “I’m one of the dancers and if it gets picked up, it’ll air on ABC family.” Now that it’s officially on air, we hope to see Rydel on the show super soon!

R5 Official Facebook

6. If Ross wasn’t an actor and playing rhythm guitar for R5, he could probably try out for the Olympics men’s gymnastics team. Check out this fan-made montage of all of Ross’ amazing flips!

7. Rocky taught himself how to play the guitar by watching Fall Out Boy videos when he was younger. He then started teaching his siblings the ropes!

R5 Official Facebook

8. Ratliff (R5’s drummer!) was on an episode of Victorious! Click here to watch the short clip!

9. Every winter, the family goes skiing in Keystone, Colorado. Such a cute family vacay.


10. Ross recently just got his driver’s license. Ross tweeted on July 2: “I can now drive! I’m totally going to pick up some ladies!” Proof:


And we leave you with R5’s music video for “Can’t Get Enough Of You”. Happy 4th!

What do you love most about R5? Do you think they’re going to be really popular some day?

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    I love R5 . My favorite song is “heart made up on you ” I hope one day I can see then perform myself

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    Ross lynch I am a big fan and I thin are cutie and an a awesome singer.
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    I love R5 so much!!!! I went to most of there concerts and they were amazing. I even got there R5 guitar pick neckles!!! I love you guys and righting all of those amazing songs. I even have all your songs to!!! Love you!!!

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    I think that the rest of R5 deserves praise, not just Ross. I personally like the guy who sin gs “heart made up on you” but they all deserve a lot of praise

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    I think they was awsome ross was the awsomest and the cutest

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    Ross was in teen beach movie and Austin and ally

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