Stuff To Post On Your Wall: Adele, Nicki Minaj and More!

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So, Adele is preggers, Kim Kardashian is trying to be besties with Nicki Minaj, and Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are breaking up – and this is all in one week!?! With this much celeb turmoil, we need a few laughs, hence this stuff to post on your wall. Tell us what you think of our pics and don’t forget to share them with your BFFs!









So, what do you think of our pics? Can you make a funnier one? Tweet it @teen or post a link in the comments.

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  • olivia

    ok so these aren’t really that funny ….
    I think some of you are exaggerating though
    anyway if you don’t like them stop reading them


    • Vicky

      .Sadly, the part of my education that is the most lanikcg is knowing the order of the books. I know spurts of them in order, but it was only a good guess that made me get the correct answer to the book following Colossians. My husband and my children are learning handy songs for memorizing all the books in order, but I am having to pick that up as an adult from them, and it is hard for me.

  • deja

    wtf that wasnt funny who gives a F! about nicki minaj and kim whore k thee only interesting/important thing about this whooooole article is adele being prego! congrats girl!

  • Bri

    awww!! little adele babys!!!

  • Ro

    NO. Those are not funny. Like I can’t even… Just no more okay? I still want to have faith in humanity, but you know what? Things like this make me feel so defeated and hopeless

  • Samantha