In Honor of Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D, Our 5 Favorite Katy Perry Outfits of All Time!

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We all know the Katy Perry we see on television, on stage and in magazines, but in her new movie, Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D, we’ll be introduced to Katy on a more personal level. Hitting theaters July 5 (today!), the movie shows intimate moments from the singer’s past to the struggles and triumphs of her life now. Katy is known to be over-the-top, so you can expect to see her crazy costumes come to life. From her top that shot whipped cream to when she dressed up as a circus carousel, we chose our top five favorite Katy Perry costumes of all time to get you in the mood for the flick!

1. The peppermint candy cane

So we actually adore ALL the costumes on Katy’s California Dreams tour, but the peppermint candy cane outfit is by far one of the cutest costumes she’s ever worn.

Oh, and we couldn’t help but notice a scene in the trailer for Part of Me where Katy (without makeup on!) appears to show off the inner-workings of some of her 3D ensembles to the camera. Check out the clip below!

2. Kathy Beth Terry

We love Katy’s freaking amazing alter-ego, Kathy Beth Terry. She represents every teenage girl and even with her headgear, nerdy glasses and huge hair, we love that Katy is willing to put it all out there to make us laugh. Plus, we secretly miss turtlenecks and denim jumpers.

3. Meet and Greet in Calgary

Katy met a bunch of her fans while on the California Dreams tour and we came across this outfit that we are definitely obsessed with. We honestly have no idea what’s actually on her head, but it’s adorable and it’s even more adorable that she took the time to meet with all her fans to take photos with them.

4. Circus carousel

In 2008, Katy Perry hosted the MTV Europe Music Awards and had so many costume changes, but this is probably the best (and most 3D) one. You would also never think that a dress with a spinning circus carousel on the bottom would ever be cute, but we are seriously contemplating DIY-ing this for our Halloween costume this year.

5. American Flag

Since this week is all about celebrating America, we had to of course include this fabulous outfit that Katy wore when she put on a concert during fleet week last month! We totally wish we had a dress like this for the 4th of July.

Tell us which Katy Perry outfit is your fave in the comments below! Are you planning on seeing Katy’s new movie? What scene are you most excited to check out? Part of Me is out now.

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  • Carmela

    Shes like my big sister iv allways wanted.

  • mia

    my fave the american flag… soooooo pretty

  • Brooklyn

    Those are so cool

  • Lucy

    Katy Perry is such an insperation to me and i hope she continues to wow america and young girls when she prooves you can be different no matter what!!