Demi Lovato Forgets the Words to “Give Your Heart a Break” on GMA

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A tour, an album with multiple #1 singles and a new TV show; three monumental moments all on their own, and yet Demi Lovato‘s got them all going on at the same time. Seriously, props to her for 1. being such a worldwide success, and 2. never failing to be open with the public about how she arrived at the place where she is now. In her interview with Good Morning America, she discusses her rehabilitation treatment after her infamous bout with an eating disorder, cutting and more detrimental problems. Although most celebrities tend to fib about what’s really going on in their lives, Demi owns up to her past difficulties, and even admits why she’s so open about her personal life.

She says, “To me, I don’t think it does anybody any good to just hide something, or cover it up, or lie… The reason why I did it is because that’s what being a role model is; it’s not about being perfect. It’s about speaking about your issues and inspiring others to get help.”

Watch the interview here:

Although her one-on-one was nothing short of inspirational, one of her songs wasn’t exactly flawless. At one point, she manages to forget the words to her “Give Your Heart a Break” single! But no worries, she recovers nicely — some probably wouldn’t even realize the mistake. Watch the entire performance on GMA below, then tell us if you notice it!

Well, can you spot the flub? What do you think of Demi’s interview? Do you consider her to be an inspiration?

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22 Responses to "Demi Lovato Forgets the Words to “Give Your Heart a Break” on GMA"

    Steel says:

    I’m not sure if it’s in this one, but in other live performances of “Give Your Heart a Break” she messes up the bridge. Instead of “our hearts beat as one” she says something like “your heart beats as one”.

    TunniGirl says:

    In the end instead of saying : — ‘ The day i , first met you , you told me , you never fall in love ‘
    she said : — ‘ On sunday , you went home , alone , there were tears in your eyes ‘ .

    katie says:

    Didn’t she say “Your lips our on my leg” and not lips

    kassy says:

    luv her reaction lol !

    Neely says:

    I hate Demi Lavota!!! She stole Niall from me!

    Kasia says:

    No widać było na końcu taki jej uśmiech i to znaczyło że zapomniała słowo :)

    Marley says:

    I didnt notice the mistake mostly because i dont know the lyrics to the song. But the look on her face was like ‘wait what did i just say?’ lol

      Emily says:

      Haha me too, so I was just kinda waiting for a sign on her face that shows she messed up. She was like looking sideways and was like “wait, what?” xD

    dounia says:

    oo yeah she said “sunday” when it was suppose to be “the day” ooooo that was kind of embarrassing

    chelsea says:

    WOW!!! she really did mess up. But i still think she did well she made it look kinda like she didnt even mess up.

    danute says:

    Yep! at the last line she says “on sunday, you went home, alone, there were tears in your eyes” instead, she should’ve said “the day i first met you, you told me, you’d never fall in love”. but that’s okay, that part’s confusing.

    Serena says:

    I didn’t see where she messed up

    lilly says:

    yup. at the end. she messes up the last part

    Mindy says:

    I was watching it and waiting for the mistake and I caught it at the end! She messed up the last line!

    Andrea says:

    Falta de preparacion.

    Carli says:

    Oh! That’s fine! Everyone makes kstakes!

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