Live Blog: ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’ Kristen Stewart, Rob Pattinson and Taylor Lautner Comic-Con Panel

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Summit / Comic-Con

We’re blogging live from Comic-Con 2012 in San Diego, California today as Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Mackenzie Foy answer questions at the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Comic-Con panel at 12:45 PST.

We’ll also be at a press conference at 11 AM PST where the movie’s other stars Peter Facinelli, Elizabeth Reaser, Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed, Jackson Rathbone and Ashley Greene will also be answering press questions.

The party got started last night as Twilight author Stephenie Meyer, as well as Jackson, Ashley and more came out to celebrate the casts’ last appearance at Comic-Con for the franchise with the fans who have been camped out for days. Click here to read about a tragic Twilight-death at Comic-Con this year.

Check back for live updates during the press conference and panel. If you have a question, leave it below and we’ll try to ask it too! Also make sure to follow us on Twitter for Instagrams from the day.

UPDATE: The panel is over, but we’re still here covering everything else. Stay tuned for more photos and news, including a recap on this panel.

1:13 PM – We just saw the first seven minutes of the movie in H Hall. Director Bill Condon is in London scoring the film, but said via video he wanted to do something different and start where it left off. Amazing special effects and a very surprising opening hunting scene. On to the interview.. The theme of today is that Kristen rocks.

** A moment was taken to remember the tragic loss of life that happened here two days ago. #RIPGisela

**Best parts of press conference include Kristen trying to talk about movie’s sex scenes in front of Mackenzie and eventually getting frustrated with Rob and dropping the F-bomb. Kristen says there is absolutely nothing raunchy about the franchise.

12:21 PM – So amazing! Mackenzie’s voice is so high! Everyone is really having a great time. More updates soon.

11:55 AM – Kristen, Rob, Taylor are out!

11:41 AM – Funny Spider-Man moment! Jackson Rathbone jokes that Twilight could get the reboot treatment in a couple years with ‘The Amazing-Twilight.’ Yes please! Or better yet… Midnight Sun!

11:37 – “I smile in this movie. That was a big deal for me.” Talking about fans being able to root for Rosalie in Breaking Dawn Part 2.

11:34 – Ashley says Alice has an ‘edge’ in last movie.

11:30 AM – Ashley Greene says energy last night was different since this is the last year at Comic-Con. Saying ‘hello’ to familiar friends they recognize now.

11:23 – The Cullen’s are here! Ashley Greene took Alice’s necklace from set as a keepsake.

11:11AM – Any minute!

10:42 AM – We’re here at the press conference.

9:16 AM – Our editor, @stacysays is about to leave the hotel to head over to the convention center.

Comic-Con 2012

@teen Our editor @stacysays' view from the train on the way to #comiccon2012 @comic_con

Comic-Con 2012

@teen We found the breaking dawn fans at comic con!

Comic-Con 2012

@teen Waiting for everyone to come out #breakingdawn #SDCC

Comic-Con 2012

@teen Starting! #breakingdawn

Comic-Con 2012




Comic-Con 2012

@teen Group hug!

Comic-Con 2012


Comic-Con 2012

@teen Breaking Dawn!

Comic-Con 2012

@teen Breaking Dawn new clip

Comic-Con 2012

@teen Clip from The Host at Comic Con

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  • Terri Sufka

    Again, I think that Rob Pattison is absolutely PERFECT for the part, but am sad that the role of Isabella Swan was not played out by a worthy actress for the part..someone more pretty and with much more talent….. then I would absolutely have fallen in love with the movies. However, I love the books so much more, but am truly smitten with the baseball scene and the music that goes with it. In the second movie the “bad” redhead vampire after Isabella does a much better acting job, mostly because of the script writing and makeup, hair improvements as well as better filming of the scenes. It is all about finding the right actors/actresses, writing the script well, and modifying the script according to the producer/ filming of the scenes. The actors really have to play the part of the characters and BE THE CHARACTERS!!!! Not be themselves or even put a drop of their personality into the character of the movie…like Tom Hanks does, Gene Hackman, and my favorite, Bruce Willis, Meryl Streep, Angelina Jolie, Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, Nicole Kidman, Morgan Freeman, Will Smith, etc.—all those actors/actresses who are able to play a variety of different roles and REALLY ACT LIKE THEY ARE THOSE CHARACTERS AND COME TO UNDERSTAND EVERY PSYCHOLOGICAL FACET, physical, emotional, mental, economic, community, past, present and future aspects of the character part they will play, even training for months to become the character they will play in the movie. Oh, did I leave out Nicolas Cage? Yeah, he’s pretty damn good too.
    I have NOTHING against Kristen Stewart, but I just think she needs more practice and more preparation for her parts.
    —Specifically, I just don’t see what beauty she has that is extraordinary. I think she looks quite plain and also her acting abilities are quite plain. How did she get into the acting business anyway? Family/friend connections? Networking among friends? Yes, folks, this is NOT THE WAY TO GET AN ACTING JOB!!! SLEEPING WITH YOUR BOSSES IS NEVER COOL AND IS NO WAY TO GET A JOB WHEN YOU HAVE NO TALENT!!!! Okay, so I DO have something against Kristen Stewart and every other hussy who tries to get ahead by screwing their boss instead of using raw, uncut, bare talent and hard work!!!! Shame on you Kirsten and very very much shame on you whoever hell picked kristen stewart for the twilight series—you really ruined it for us movie viewers!!!!! It makes me think I better stick to the books and my imagination (which are ALWAYS way better than the movies!!!) and NOT see the movies, or better yet, since I can really write a good story, perhaps I should go into screenplay writing and directing movies. That way, it really WILL MATCH my GREAT IMAGINATION that 100% matches and succeeds the standards of the books!!!

  • Terri Sufka

    I am not meaning to be overly critical about Kristen Stewart, and all the negative publicity she has had lately, but I really and honestly don’t feel she was right for the part in any of these movies. All other actors have done a fantastic job, and my true favorite is the baseball scene in (I think) the first movie. Rob Pattinson was PERFECT for the part, as well all the other characters in the movie. However, from the beginning I did not feel Kristen Stewart was right for the part, and especially in this last movie, seeing her as plain as she is and not really spectacularly beautiful as the book describes, lets me down and makes me feel the whole series is a flop, not to mention all the scenes where Kristen just sits silent like she doesn’t know what to do, what facial expressions to make, or what persona the character needs to relay. In short, she REALLY NEVER DOES FALL IN LOVE WITH THE VAMPIRE. I also have to say the book makes an error the first few sentences when Isabella Swan talks about not wanting to be “bitten” in Washington state as she was fearful of it in Arizona. It seems Stephanie Meyer made a change of plot in that first chapter, saying Isabella was scared of getting bitten in Arizona, but not so scared of getting bitten when she moved in with her father in Washington State. Bitten of what? A vampire? A tarantula? A scorpion? What the heck is this sentence supposed to mean?

  • Maddie C

    For Kristen: When you first read the script of Twilight, what part of it speaked to you that made you want to do the movie and play the role of Bella? Also, please tell Kristen that this question is from Maddie and I really admire and look up to her. :)