Photos of Emma Stone’s 10 Funniest Faces

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If you’re still suffering from Emma Stone girl crush syndrome, these pics we’re about to show you of The Amazing Spider-Man star are not going to help your cause. They’re pics of the 10 Funniest Emma Stone faces. Join us as we laugh with (because you know she’d get a good giggle out of these too) our favorite ginger slash blonde and the wacky faces she makes. We dare you not to crack a smile.

Listen closely and you’ll hear an evil laugh coming through the computer screen. Time to hide your little siblings!


There’s that sweet face we all know and love.


Is this the new kissy face? Here’s to hoping it isn’t … and protecting our jaw alignment.


Sometimes your face forgets how to smile — and this happens.


Is it just us or is Emma channeling Mona fromĀ Pretty Little Liars here? Please don’t try to hit us with your car, Em!


We now know what Kanye meant when he said, “That $%^* cray.”


And this, you guys, is how you wave to a frenemy.


We get the feeling Emma either doesn’t know where she is or she knows exactly where she is and can’t wait to leave.


We figured she was crazy for Andrew Garfield, but this is getting a little out of hand.


Emma, promise us you’ll never change? Ever.


What do you think of these funny Emma faces? Which is your favorite?

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  • kayla

    the third i is lol dwl

  • Belladonna

    The 4th pic makes her look like Lucy Hale from PPL

  • leeeeaahh

    I like the 2 one she looks evilhope she isn’t mad at you guys :)

  • vicksieee

    i like most 2nd and 3rd pic;)

  • montana3802

    It’s a shame this is what journalism has come to.

    • Stacy Hinojosa

      Hi montana3802, this isn’t a News post, it’s clearly labeled as ‘LOL’. Sorry you didn’t like it.

  • vicksieee

    i think that on the 5th photo she looks like jenna not like mona

    • 1105!

      Yeah, she totally has that “Now I can see and I’m staring across the room at you” vibe going on.

    • Destiny Simpson