Stuff To Post On Your Wall: Bella Thorne, Ed Sheeran and More!

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The response to last week’s Stuff to Post on Your Wall post was decent (for the most part), so I’ll keep posting more captioned celebs pics every Thursday until one of the comments actually makes me cry… then I’ll stop. Probably. Check ’em out below and tell us which one’s your fave (if any, OMG YOU GUYS DON’T MAKE ME CRY) in the comments.

Some of you seem pretty heated about the recent Finnick casting news, judging by the comments in this post. But aren’t you at least glad it’s not Robert Pattinson in the role?

We love you, Ed Sheeran. Watch Ed’s episode of My Day. My Life. that premiered on Monday.

Photo in which Vanessa Hudgens attempts to see through a brown paper bag.

Miley brought one of her pups to Philadelphia. Must be nice, dog. Must be nice.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist this one. Here’s a lovely photo of the same girl to prove I’m not a jerk.

Is there any other kind of fan hug? Particularly like that her foot is caught in the stool.

Pretty Little Liars Caleb and Hanna Break Up

I’m just saying.

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  • Davinson

    tuuuuune i luv it. sick of this vocorder voice thing, but i gotta admit wiley sdnuos sick with this n he’ll gt more exposure to the general public with these type of tunes so its all gd

  • LOL

    dont read this because it works. think about ur crush alot and read this everyday for a week. then txt him/ her and ask him/ her out on a date. c what happens. you might just be suprised. if u read this post this 3 times anywhere or it wont work.

  • LOL


  • Lauren

    so embarising.

  • keyah

    super funny .all of them .are weird.FAN HUG. X D

  • Sam

    These really are terrible, wish you guys would stop doing these.

    • Stacy Hinojosa

      Hi Sam, why do you think they are terrible?

  • alyssa

    i think that it was not an awkward hug

  • I Hart Music

    ed sheeran is not gorgeous. i love his album but he’s NOT pretty. just saying.

    • mylee

      u just jelous he’s sexy ok

  • sele

    awkward hug lol

  • Hannah


    That thing about “don’t make me cry” was obviously directed towards me and my comments on previous “Stuff to post on your wall” articles and I feel really bad now. I had NO intentions of making you guys upset, just giving honest feedback. I’m really, really, really, sorry omg.

    I just honestly don’t find these funny and I guess I felt the need to share that? It’s obvious that you aren’t going to quit posting these, but I guess you have fun making them and other people find them funny and that’s really all that matters! So I’ll stop with my comments, but I never meant to hurt anyone in any way.

    • Haley Longman

      No, Hannah. We appreciate your feedback and your honesty! Keep it comin’!

    • Stacy Hinojosa

      Ditto what Haley said Hannah! I honestly didn’t connect that you had left the previous comments. We’re pretty tough and are definitely NOT going to cry. We’re honestly just trying to make them funnier and like Haley said, we welcome ALL feedback!! :)

      • Hannah

        Okay, I feel a lot better now! I honestly wasn’t meaning to be rude and I do like the idea of making photos with funny captions, I just think they could be funnier, that’s all :)