Did One Direction’s Liam Payne & Louis Tomlinson Buy Cars… For Their Girlfriends?!

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All boyfriends around the world, please take note. While a nice card and roses may suffice as a charming gift in most relationships, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson are rumored to be putting their massive paychecks from One Direction touring, merchandise and other 1D items to good — and expensive — use by reportedly buying each of their girlfriends a new set of wheels.

So if you thought the customized cake Louis bought Eleanor Calder this week was cute, wait until you see this baby. According to UK tabloid The Sun, Eleanor also scored a Mini One D (fitting name, eh?) for her 20th birthday celebration. The price tag? £17,520, which converts to approximately $27,500. No big deal. But Eleanor wasn’t the only one to strike big on the deal. Louis also spent major cash on a brand-new Range Rover, too. (Even though he’s already a Porsche-owner.) Talk about a shopping spree.

Mini Cooper

And as if a trip to Venice and a romantic gondola ride wasn’t pricey enough, Liam supposedly purchased a new Audi TT for his longtime lady, Danielle Peazer. Retail on a beauty like this is around £50,000 (AKA roughly 78.5k in U.S. dollars). A[n alleged] source says, “The girls are obviously delighted. They were never expecting such lavish gifts.” Yeah, we bet!


Though neither of the lads has yet to confirm all the car-buying details (and technically this is coming from a tabloid), we’re still willing to bet that they’re both romantics either way. What’s the best present any of your significant others has given you?

Are Liam Payne & Danielle Peazer Engaged?!

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  • danya

    حلو هنيالهن

  • Sabrina

    That really romantic

  • devin@shakeituplovebellaandzendaya#1

    I don’t know why they buy expensive cars for their girlfriends?

  • Dominique

    They are so lucky to have people that really care about them buy them expensive gifts and go out of their way for them. #sosweet. :)

  • Drew

    Okay that’s cute and all but what happens when one of the gf’s break up with them what happens next do they keep them or do they give them back? Or are they filled with so much gilt that they can’t do it?

  • Eliza stanley

    Awwwwww thats so sweet.to bad that not all guys think this way lol

  • amanda

    thats stupid thee just gunna leave em!! every girl seems to do that when the can get anyone they want! smh!!!!

  • Alyssa

    That is the sweets thing I ever heard

  • carla

    that is so sweet! luv them to pieces

  • Angel

    Louis and Liam are so sweet 😀

  • Lola

    . . . Meanwhile some charity out there would have greatly appreciated the money instead spent on some ridiculously expensive car (the second car). O_O Just saying. Really,now. Is that even practical? What’s not to say they’ll break up and the girlfriend will keep the car? Smart move.
    >.> #Idon’tgetboybands #stickingwithrockmusic

    • Victoria

      Actually Louis donates to a lot of charities and he’s always posting on twitter trying to get his followers to donate too. And Louis and Eleanor won’t be breaking up anytime. Check the facts next time.

  • supergiraffe100

    The guys said in a inteview that they wernt gonna waste there money . NO WHAT ?!?!

  • Yasmin

    wow they are so nice

  • Paige

    Now I definetly wouldm’t mind one of tuhose gifts! ON the side of one of ID’s guys!! Hahahahahahahahaha!