Justin Bieber Fans Wonder If The Madison Beer Tweets Were Staged

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Madison Beer Justin Bieber Photo


You can’t pull one over on the Internet, people. While 13-year-old aspiring singer Madison Beer was riding a Twitter high after Justin Bieber went on a tweeting spree that netted her 30K followers, some fans of Justin’s weren’t having any of it and called the pop star out on the authenticity of his seemingly spontaneous YouTube find.

“All this Madison Beer hype is so false. Look in the background,” one fan tweeted along with a photo of Justin and a cancer patient named Avalanna he befriended earlier this year. In the background of the photo is Madison. And since all of Justin’s tweets failed to acknowledge that he’d met Madison previously, the photo immediately sparked suspicion that Justin not only had a friendship (or more) with Beer, but that he had potentially signed her to his record label and was now trying to pull one over on his fans by pretending to discover her in the same way he’d been discovered as a young teen on YouTube by his manager Scooter Braun. Drama.


But that’s not how it happened according to Madison. She says, “After Scooter tweeted me he invited me to come to a concert and I got to meet him [Justin] and Avalanna. I never thought I would hear from them again and when Justin tweeted me it was a huge surprise!”

Justin seemed to respond as well with the following tweet, which Madison retweeted:

Reactions on Twitter softened. “Stop hating Madison Beer,” @real_JBELIEBER tweeted late Tuesday night. “She just wants to live her dream like Justin, please stop drama and be happy for her.” And the consensus now seems to be that regardless of how Justin’s 25 million followers learned about Madison, she’s so talented, you’ll probably be hearing about her again soon.

Listen To Madison Beer Sing!

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37 Responses to "Justin Bieber Fans Wonder If The Madison Beer Tweets Were Staged"

  1. Teen.com
    Anonymous says:

    I heard she was a bully. Is that true?

  2. Teen.com

    Madison is preety but she isn’t “that talented”.She looks like she had a voice surgery xD kinda like a monster baby voice xD Anyway my opinion : i dont like her she looks just so fake and the comments i saw ….made me believe she is a rich biatch ;) Anyway thats what i think and i dont personaly hate her :D Madison wish you a bad luck :) ! xD

  3. Teen.com
    May says:

    She’s really pretty don’t get me wrong, but she seems really stuck up, with the hanging out with the kardasians to buying thousand dollar clothes and bags, and then posts all of it on instagram. It’s one in a million that you would find a girl that can sing, is rich and is pretty, but she can’t sing.

  4. Teen.com
    Zoe says:

    She’s my age and yeah she’s pretty, but she’s a one-hit wonder. Nobody will listen to her music after “Melodies”. By the comments, she sounds pretty mean and this sounds like a set-up for her to get famous.

    • Teen.com
      Jeana says:

      First of all none u guys no her. Prove it to me first and doubt madiosn would be THAT mean. All u haters r just jealous cuz she’s pretty and talented

  5. Teen.com
    Lina says:

    Why are you all of you freakin out. Calm down and stop the negatives. Reguardless of how she was discovered, she is very talented & this is her time to rise. If it were you, you would luv the support and we should all giveth. Best wishes Madison! Glen Cove Representing!

  6. Teen.com
    Madison says:

    Madison beer isn’t good, she doesn’t deserve any of the publicity that she has, i hope that it ends up like “Call me Maybe” and we never hear from her again

  7. Teen.com
    jade marie gonzales says:

    Im gonna tell you that the most underrated pop singer is the girl that sang My Jeans in 2011
    That video went viral for the wrong reasons
    Look at her New Music Videos
    Her name is Jenna Rose
    She just did a concert at Webster Hall and the TLA Theater in Philly
    Everyone there was expecting her to suck
    But she blew everyone away
    She sounds AMAZING
    Jenna Rose-This girl is on Fire TLA THEATER
    Jenna Rose -Walk on By TLA THEATER
    She sings alot like Chrsitina Aguilera
    She deserves the fame for the tight reasons

  8. Teen.com
    Linda Hyatt says:

    If YIU want to hear real talent, check out Catie Lee

  9. Teen.com
    Jericho says:

    I knew someone who was in the same school, same grade as Madison Beer when she went to Jericho. There are SO many rumors that Madison Beer’s parents paid Justin Bieber one million dollars to tweet that. I’m not sure, but I’m not doubting…Her parents definitely have the money…

  10. Teen.com
    Ariel says:

    Apparently, she’s a bitch. My cousins best friend knows her and she always talks about how beautiful she is and how great a singer she is. So what shes pretty she’s just a fucktard!!!!

  11. Teen.com
    Ariel says:

    Apparently, she’s a bitch. My cousins best friend knows her and she always talks about how beautiful she is and how great a singer she is. So what shes pretty she’s just a fucktard.

  12. Teen.com
    Stephanie says:

    some of the people in my grade know her and i live in a rich town, not that i am. ppl have lots of money and so does she. Apparently shes very self-centered and meaan. She may seem nice but thats what “popular girls” are. Some say shes nice in class but its being “fake nice” MAdison had justin sing to her happy birthday at one his concerts. Now thats telling you smth. How can she afford it? it must be thousands or even millions to meet him like that. ANd she can sing but theres nothing special she sings like other ppl that can sing.

    • Teen.com
      Emily says:

      Hi, I totally agree with you. I have some friends from Jericho that say the exact same things about Madison. She lives in the Hamptons–she’s obviously very rich. I’ve heard many things, such as that her parents are loaded and paid Justin Bieber one million dollars or such for the tweet. I heard that she’s self-absorbed and such..

  13. Teen.com
    joanna says:

    My bff had a sleepover with me and Maddy and my bff left the room and me and Maddy started talking and all she could talk about was how hot she is and how all the guys wanted to f**k her then she said we should practice French kissing and said all girlfriends do it she is a hore and doesn’t deserve fame.

  14. Teen.com
    Cythia says:

    my bestfriend is family friends with madison beer, she always talks about what she says/ when she talks to her. yeah she’s gorgeous, and talented. but she’s the biggest bitch you’ll ever meet.

  15. Teen.com
    Reality says:

    In reality there is NO such things as a ACCIDENTIAL discovery INCLUDING bieber…to much money and planning go into it…besides Madison’s dad is RICH and money plus connections can buy you a lot!!!

    • Teen.com
      Linda Hyatt says:

      Very true. If you want to see real talent from a girl with very little money, check out Catie Lee

  16. Teen.com
    Sam says:

    So what’s the big deal? Beiber can’t sing either. He’s always off key!
    It seems like talent isn’t judged by talent anymore, it’s judged by looks.
    Pretty sad!

    • Teen.com
      Gizelle says:

      Wrong… Get your facts straight please before you go commenting false accusations. Justin Bieber became famous off of youtube based on his gorg. voice. He wasn’t that great looking of a 13 year old ( he looks wayyy better now) and if you think about it, Usher and Justin Timberlake fought over him… Haven’t you ever listened to his youtube videos (kidrauhl <3). Once you do, than go commenting your opinion. Why do people always be saying he isn't good at singing?? What the hell is wrong with you people…. smh

  17. Teen.com
    Ray ray says:

    Shes can sing but shes not tht amazing tht justin should tweet her there is many kids who sing way better then her i !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Teen.com
    He Who Must Not Be Named says:

    Facebook got me here… O.o

  19. Teen.com
    StayStrong says:

    I don’t know what to believe. Madison is a good singer.. but to me she doesn’t sound ahh-maaazzing. She needs time to grow & mature her vocals. Best of luck to her though.

  20. Teen.com
    Unknown says:

    Who cares if it was for publicity or not. Maybe she met him right after the tweets who knows. I don’t think it really matters. Maybe he was showing the world what Madison could do, does it really matter that it for for publicity or not. I DON’T THINK SO. i think that she has a great voice and it doesn’t matter if Justin already discovered her or if it’s fake.

  21. Teen.com
    Swaggy says:

    its all fake. i mean i don’t wanna be mean but…shes not that good, a little pitchy well. Theres tons of talented kids out there better than her she’s just pretty and has a common voice.

  22. Teen.com
    Cadie says:

    Not buying that Scooter thought he’d invite a random chick on Twitter to go see Justin and Avalanna and then a month later Justin was sitting at home looking at YouTube videos and came across her’s. This was definitely set-up and it’s a bit shady that they’re all lying about it. I also don’t even think she’s *that* special — I mean, she’s pretty and can sing but so far I haven’t seen anything that would make me want to buy her music.

  23. Teen.com
    Caroline says:

    This is all a fake! Scooter wouldnt just randomly tweet a fan and invite her to go meet Justin and Avalanna after a concert. This was all planned! They wanted to make it seem like Justin found out about her over YouTube just like Scooter found out about Jusitn. Like really?! On the same day she was “discovered” she was making up a fanbase name for her!! She is way over her head. To me this was all just a way to get Justin more famous, making it seem like hes following in the steps of Scooter and finding talent over the internet.

    • Teen.com
      Ashwariya says:

      Yo quiero que Justin Bieber venga a Peru estoy enadrpseo con ansias a que llegue el deda en que Por Fin Salgan en las noticias Justin Bieber Viene al peru y da un concierto yo quiero irrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ♥♥ y obio que voy a ir Chicas las apoyo !!! Peru Have Bieber Fever ♥♥♥

  24. Teen.com
    Vivian says:

    it was all for publicity, he’s always pulling one of those! he was just looking for attention so that people can say he discovered her and stuff like that! its all fake!!

  25. Teen.com
    Vivi says:

    Oddly enough, I don’t find that she’s amazingly talented. I am her age, but my friend can sing a million times better than her and she doesn’t even YouTube! She is pretty for our age but, honestly, if you hear a lot of her videos, her voice is a little young and raw and scratches up or is put in a lot of strain to sing. And that’s fine. Someday she might be amazing but for now she isn’t cutting it for me.

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