8 Reasons Why Liam Hemsworth is the Best Fiance Ever

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We’ve been keeping an eye on this Liam Hemsworth guy and — we admit it — he’s kind of a keeper. So can the future Mr. Miley Cyrus hold it down? Totally yes! In fact, we think Liam may be the best fiancé ever, starting with how…

8. He Poses For the Cutest Pics
Ziggy and Miley and Liam makes three, after all! And you know he does it because he’s so. Darn. Proud.


7. He Always Makes Time for Miley
Even when Liam goes off to film, he always makes time for his fiancé, so it’s no surprise that Miley comes to tell him to keep up the good work on set! Philadelphia, here they come!


6. He Loves Miley’s Family
Lunch with Tish and Noah? Liam is there. Picking out bikes with Billy Ray? What do you know — Liam is there, too! And since Liam is already part of the family, it must be a huge reason why Miley loves him!


5. He’s an Awesome Puppy Parent
With five dogs between them, it might seem too easy to let one slip through the cracks, but Liam makes sure that each of his fur babies gets oodles of love and attention. Plus, Floyd needs a new bed? Happy needs more food? Liam’s on it!


4. He’s Willing to Try New Things
When Miley got into Pilates and started looking fit, even Liam couldn’t help but notice! We love that Liam even goes to class with Miley. Working out is a great couples activity.


3. He’s a Good Partner in Crime
Not every fiance would jump at the chance to go shopping with their ladyfriend, but Liam can’t help it — every time is better with Miley around! Whether it’s grocery shopping or furniture shopping, Liam goes all in, and we love him for it!


2. He’s a Hard Worker
How many movies has Liam done lately?! But he still keeps it real – he always makes time to bring Miley to premieres and take vacations to get away from it all.


1. They’re Totally in Sync
From being matchy matchy at premieres to their carefree vibes, Liam is the best fiancé ever because these two are perfect for each other! And that’s what really counts, right?


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  • jane turner

    Oh, well, he became aloof and she got too clingy.

  • orville

    miley looks so adorable in her short white dress.

  • Nora

    I just love them , they’re perfect for each other <3

  • Shamma

    oh yeah! they are the cutest couple ever! :) no doubt.

  • Miam

    Plus He’s Aussie


  • KEKE (L.B)

    yep miley is ready she did her disney channel thing her music carrer shes ready i wish them the best there children will be really adorable!!!!! <3 .xo

  • Lil

    Miam is the freakin cutest!

  • Elicia

    They are so cute together !

  • Nena

    Yeah he is. I do believe that they are ready for marrige. They keep themselves down to earth. :)