Barack Obama Covers One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful!”

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First, Youtuber Barackdubs created the ultra-hilar mashup vid of President Obama covering Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe.” Then, he took on the task of making Obama ‘sing’ Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend.” And, of course, his mission could not be complete without having Obama cover One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” to add to the ever-powerful list of pop phemons.

As per youge, Obama’s not technically singing in this video, but the creater does a pretty amaze job making it sound like an autotuned Presidential hit single! You’d think we’d be getting sick of these vids by now, but for some reason, we still can’t get enough! Check out Barackdubs’ latest vid and decide for yourself if you’re still loving the ‘covers!’

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  • Laugh World Net

    funny video. love it

    Laugh World

  • 1dluvv

    lmao!!!!!!!! thts funny

  • linda

    ohh yeah es lebe der superstar barack obama

  • Fatıma Zehra

    I love you back 😀 haha it’s such a hard work… Director must be very patient. Good Job ^_^

  • Janett Bieber/Styles/Malik

    omg so funny

  • Janett

    LLN(laugh like niall) I DIED this was so funny. i wonder if he has watched these befor???????

  • katherine

    halar but it took long time i bet

  • JasminMalik

    lol XD love it .

  • Jamie

    who has this much time to go through all of his speeches?……

  • Anonymous

    I wonder what Michelle Obama thinks…

    • siba

      she proply mad or he talkin about he

  • Sarah


  • tatiana

    love it so funny :p

  • Tatiana

    so funny ! I love it.