What Miranda Cosgrove Will Look Like in 55+ Years

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We didn’t realize it ’til now, but the last time we “age”-ified a Nickelodeon gal was back in January. Not okay. So we went with one of the best: Miranda Cosgrove! Think you know what she’ll look like in the future? Check out our picks, then tell us if yours matched up in the comments!

Miranda at 19 years old
Oh, how we’ll miss this face when iCarly ends…

Teen Vogue

See how Miranda’s gonna look!

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  • Mary

    I think Miranda looks good and will be in 55yrs.

  • laysia

    she ugly af selena gomez is way prettier than her

  • sierra

    she’s not that old and i think she is cool. <3

  • Reekko

    That’s messed up she’s not gonna look like that at all. No computer. It’d going to reconize how anybody it’s gonns look in 55 yrs. That’s stupid. I love icarly.I think they dhould come up with more of her.

  • joy

    i love i carly ihope she makes her shows

  • naya-babez

    Omgosh!!!! She iz hospital hurt she got to have surgery…..ewwwwwwwww

  • clarence

    she is beautiful :)) still beautiful

  • claire

    lol this wuz put on the site on my birthday. hate birthdays

    • Hanzor

      well apparently a woman named Dazee (see ctmmenos) thinks this is Ellen worthy. here’s what you gotta do SHARE it on FB! Both you and Lauren! that way all your friends see it that i don’t have access to! Your YouTube video has over 125 hits!

  • aiden

    she ugly

    • jordan

      hell yeah

  • Willian

    Good job! i love her :)

    • Udokwelu

      As a member of the mirtlaiy I just cannot fathom having to read some one Miranda rights after and IED attack or a firefight. Its just stupid to think that will everything else going on in a combat zone that we are going to take the time to pull out this little card and begin to read off their littany of rights. Also in what language are we suppose to read them their rights? Those guys come from all over the middle east and not all of them speak arabic, so does this mean I am going to have to carry a card in Pashtun, a card in Farsi, and an Arabic card?Reply

  • vamess

    you guys should do a bbetter job cause im so unagree

  • Ashlyn