Stuff To Post On Your Wall: Kristen Stewart, Selena Gomez and More!

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These week’s Stuff to Post on Your Wall pics are of the usual suspects like Selena Gomez and One Direction, but also? There might be a few in here of Kristen, Rob and Rupert Sanders. Not together though, obviously. That’d be way weird. So check out the pics we made below, and tell us what you think of ’em in the comments!

Harry looks less than thrilled to not be in first class… or on a private jet.

Is it just us? Does anyone else see it?

Just saying.

We support this 100%.

Give it back to her then.

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  • lisa

    I see it Kristeen Sweart dose look like that cartoon ! Lol ! ~ _ ~

  • lisa

    Haha I love the hunger games and that is so funny ! That pic that says I volentier as a tribute!!!

  • AJ


    • lisa

      they broke up and I love selena but I love Katy Perry more! :)

      • Mariam

        I think fans are in for a huge disappointment with Cain next year. His BABIP is clrnertuy .364. Once that falls to a more reasonable level, he’ll be putting up Gomez-like offensive numbers. Zips projects him at .231/.298/.346 for the rest of the season. Given how good Gomez is defensively, I’m not so sure he isn’t actually right about being the best option on the team.

    • aaliyah

      WhAt ThE hEl dOnT TaLk AbOuT hEr ok i LiKe hER aNd heR bOyFrIeNd ok aNd sHe CaN SiNg jUsT cUse uR vOIce iS Guy ok aALiYaHs OuT

    • Kassi

      what does that have 2 do with anything here?

  • avery

    how the heck does selena stay so perfect. i mean seriously do you see what great body shape she has and i mean shes not skinny an shes not fat thatis amazing but other than that she is perfect in any other way you can think

    • lisa

      true that ! You are so right ! No joke she’s right and I want her body ,they say she works out all day ! I wish I was like her!

    • Ichathayank

      I’m all for pain and suffering, but I have to admit, for me, there has to be the odd glmspie of sun. I stopped reading a couple of series because it was depressing spending time with the main character. When a writer shows the pain in the protagonist’s life without the protagonist whining about it, that is the way to keep me reading, hoping to see the light. Happy torturing, Karin

  • Melissa

    I think everyone should just stop freaking out about Selena’s shirt, it’s a bra, get over it. Plus shes what, 19 or 20? She can do whatever she wants

    • Cass

      I agree. she is old a youg adult . She can do what she want’s

      • lisa

        You guys are so right it’s not like your gonna wear a bra. I wear a bra whats so bad about that !

    • Marie

      Hi Karin,Aren’t we writers a twtsied lot! So much pain, torture, turmoil such a big fat grin for the writer and the reader. What a joy to be told to go for it. Don’t hold back. Great editor. She’s letting your muse control this one and what a great creative opportunity fo you. I can’t wait to see what you come up with so hunker back down and enjoy the wild ride.Dale

  • Muriel

    Shut up! Selena has nothin in miley I luv sel! She has a great career and miley does wat sit home a do crap?

    • Kathryn Clark

      i’m with you on that one

      • Rebecca

        Exactly! And that’s how those type of shirts are supposed to be worn, with a lace bra or beandu bra. I have one myself (not the exact shirt, but one like it) and wear it all the time with my lace bra. As long as you don’t look trashy and wear the right kind of bra, it’s fine!

    • Hannah

      Yeah, I TOTALLY AGREE with you!! :O

      • lisa

        I have a gizelion of those just stop freaking out !!! Miley is an A$$ I hate her so much Selena’s way better than that peice of crap !! Whose with me?