Freebie Fridays! Win A Samsung Galaxy S III Cell Phone!

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If you haven’t upgraded your cell to a super cool smartphone yet… what are you waiting for?! We’re just kidding (kind of), but we seriously have found one of the coolest new cell’s ever… and we’re giving one away!

The Samsung Galaxy S III has tons of new features, plus it’s really light and has a huge screen (perfect for reading, right?!). There’s the regular stuff, like a (super fast) camera, a way to play your music, the ability to go online… and then there are tons of extras, like the Smart Stay, which keeps your screen lit up as long as you’re looking at it. Or the S-Voice, which lets you control some of the features using your voice instead of touching the screen. Want to win this awesome celly? Enter now!

This sweepstakes ended on August 24, 2012 at noon EST. Good luck!

Awesome legal disclaimer: This Sweepstakes is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.


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98 Responses to "Freebie Fridays! Win A Samsung Galaxy S III Cell Phone!"

    shunda johnson says:

    Pleas help me …I’m the only one in the school that don’t have a cell

    Rebekah says:

    Help only kid in the whole high school who doesn’t have a phone helppppppppp MEEE

    Destiny Heil says:

    I really need a phone because i leave my mom every summer and go on a plane by myself so iam going to need a phone to contact my mom incase something happens. PLEASE?? <3 iam using my laptop to type this.

    sunny says:

    I think S-3 is the best cell phone

    mekhi says:

    i need a phone i am in high school with out on help me plz

    Cody says:

    hey I have never had a phone before I would love to have this phone but my mom and dad don’t have money they don’t have a phone either

    Meleniam says:

    Im a triplet and i have a brother and older sister, and my parents dont have enough money to get me or my sisters a phone. My sister Meleni has a phone, while my other sister Melenia and i dont have a phoen. So it would be really nice if i won this phone. Thanks

    Cynasia says:

    I would love to win this phone im stuck with a stupid phone right now , ! I mean how are you going to have a Smart Phone thats DUMB !! I just hope i win !

    Shai says:

    May the luckiest win, no big deal. just would be nice to own.

    journie says:

    i really want this phone never really had a touch screen before so please consider me

    leyla ruiz says:

    omg I want the phone plz

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