Shoe Shuffle: Kristen Stewart vs. Miley Cyrus

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Remember when Kristen Stewart used to practically live in her Chuck Taylor All-Stars? We’ve noticed the Twilight actress switching it up on the shoe front lately and is now rocking Bieber-like high-tops, plain Keds, Vans, and patterned sneakers instead of her Converse. To fill in her shoes, Miley has stepped into K.Stew’s role and is rocking the iconic kicks all around town.  See the two pairing their signature shoes with a variety of outfits below. Which shoe style do you like better?

Both stars add a casual touch to their cool-girl attire (leather jacket and LBD) with their favorite sneaks — and still manage to look amaze.


The stylish celebs complete their dressed-down looks — a Led Zeppelin tee and a bandana — with their low-key shoes. It’s effortless chic at its finest, folks.


With cute dresses and cute boys by their side (too soon for Robsten?!) , the two stars add even more cuteness to their outfits with casual shoes.


Both gals pair their rolled jeans with classic black kicks for a look that’s comfy-chic.


Kimye Rock His and Hers Sneakers!

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  • larissa santana


  • christianeshop

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  • Sunkissed Sisters

    We like Miley!

    xx The Sunkissed sisters

  • leann

    Kristen!!! <3

  • bianca


  • Gabriele

    Miley Cyrus.

  • Caitlin

    Most defiantly Miley!!!

  • miley cyrus lover

    no doubt miley cyrus.She’s hottie

  • Kelly

    miley but kristen started doing it first

  • dream


  • j

    I think miley is going to win cause convers r awsome

  • rachel

    mileyyy ,,,,,

  • Sev

    I like Miley’s look better,but I think its great that Kristen is changing up her style a bit!!! XD

  • Gracie

    im not a fan of either of these girls really but i love mileys style with the dress’s and convese i have alway thought that to be a lovely fashion statement =)

  • lola

    this is not miley… she changed… a lot

  • A Person

    So it’s between a cheating nonemotional vampire or a engaged wannabe stripper?

    • Sam

      Can I just say that I love you so much? In a non-stalker-totally-platonic kinda way, of course.

    • gabriela Borges

      shut up ! this girl you call an engaged wannabe stripper is pretty, talented has millions of fans and is FREAKIN’ RICHHHH! someone is soooo jealous ! MILEEEY

  • Natalie

    Miley! Kristen’s shoes don’t look so good on her!

  • Kelly


  • ursss

    Kristen <3

    • imene

      i’think kristen is more serious ! and i like her very much ! so go kristen <3

  • Naomi

    miley for sure and i dont trust kristen cause she cheated on Rob i hate her right now rob is such a nice guy how dare she and miley will always look better in anything they wear that is the same!!! TEAM MILEY!!!!!!! MILEY FOREVER!!!!!!!! MILEY CYRUS!!!!!!!! MILEY MILEY MILEY AHA!!!!!!!!! TEAM MILEY CYRUS FOREVER!!!!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    • Emily

      Uhh this isn’t about Kristen cheating on Robert, this is just about their shoes lol.

      • smile

        i agree with emily this does not have anny thing to do with her cheatng i vot for kristen plus miley started wearing them after kristen

  • Natiley


    • imene

      kristen <3