What Megan & Liz Will Look Like in 55+ Years

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Because everyone needs a little more Megan and Liz in their lives, we decided to not only interview the fraternal twins about their fave YouTubers and new single, “Bad For Me,” but to also take the time to look into their futures. To make it extra special, we didn’t just choose any rando celebs, instead we picked the singing sensations they’re most likely to resemble when they get older. Pretty neat, huh? Let the “age”-ification begin!

Megan and Liz at 19 years old
We wish we had siblings who were just as fun.
And talented… and stylish as these two.


See how Megan’s gonna look!

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  • mevlut

    aklım estiyin de güzeller beni sarıp saklar onlar bana hasta ben olurum usta

  • it’s Ken_!

    if zac efron’s new girlfriend was this THAT THAT’S THE WAY THIS THAT’S THIS THAT’S THATS !aNd then thats uncle eds birthday day!? Another One’s lek’s Sarahs bdays! rent?!?=

  • Kaitlin Hodson

    I love Megan and LIz I am definitely the biggest fan I have been with them since this note first came on YouTube I was one of the first veiwers they inspire me so much I love them I feel like I have a special connection with them and meeting them at fye in Atlanta was the best moment of my life and for example the way they feel about Taylor swift is the way I feel about them like I can’t even describe how much I love them in just a few characters (nh)