10 Things to Know About UK Girl Group, Little Mix!

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When Little Mix won The X Factor back in 2011, they made history. Perrie Edwards, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Jesy Nelson and Jade Thirwall became the first group to defy all odds and win! And while it also helps when you’re in a relationship with one of the most sought after boys in the biz (::ahem Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik), these girls are on their way to the tippy top. Their autobiography “Ready To Fly” will be coming out at the end of this month, and their debut album is set to be released by the end of the year.

Find out what Perrie and Jade have in common, why they had to originally change their band name and check out their brand new video for “Wings” below!

1. Formerly known as Rhythmix, the group had to change their name due to a dispute with a children’s charity which was also named Rhythmix.


2. In The X Factor‘s eight-year history, Little Mix was the first girl group to make it past the seventh live show.


3. Their brand new music video for “Wings” already has over 1 million views on YouTube in under a week. Check it out!

4. Perrie and Jade are both from the coastal town of South Shields in Tyne and Wear, England.


5. According to their official website, Jesy has a phobia of sandwiches. Alrighty then.


6. Perrie’s favorite snack? Potato chips! Or ‘crisps’ as they call it in England.


7. The girls were recently part of an M&M’s campaign to launch limited edition Union Jack M&M’s for the Queen’s Jubilee. “It was a really good photo shoot actually, we just got to muck around. It wasn’t too serious, and we just got to chuck loads of M&Ms around. And we got a lot of free stuff!” Jesy told Glamour UK.


8. Leigh-Anne has a pug that she loves more than anything. His name is Harvey!


9. Jade is dating Sam Craske from dance group, Diversity. They won Britain’s Got Talent back in 2009.


10. Along with other X Factor alums JLS, Leona Lewis, Olly Murs and One Direction, Little Mix is a part of The X Factor 2012 Whose Time Is Now advertisement. What an inspiring group!

Meet Bridesmaid Turned Bachelorette, Rebel Wilson!

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  • Allie

    I just recently started listening to their music, and they’re really good! :)

  • TatumRyannYoung

    LITTLE MIX omg i love your song move. i will sing it right now. mm yeah mm yeah mm yeah hey baby tell me your name i gotta fever for you i just cant explain but theres just one problem im a bit old school when it comes to lovin i aint chasin u keep waitin im on a roll you’ve got to let yourself goooo! I’ll sing more later love you little mix! Especially Jade and Perrie and Jesy. Hope to go to ur concerts love Ya’ll

  • ILoveLittleMix

    I Love little mix move.Omg it is so amazing and people i figured little mix out by watching music videos.They are so freakin good. I believe in u Jade. U and Jesy r my favorites. Cheers to my favorite Girl Band. LITTLE MIX!!!!:)

  • Aideen Mixer

    These girls are amazing!<3

  • Jourdy

    I found out about Little Mix by One Direction

  • Anonymous_girl

    I’m freaking sick and tired of people saying that Little Mix only got famous because Perrie is dating Zayn. Thats such a freaking lie! Have you not seen them live people, they don’t need auto tune or all that other s***t in order to sound good, they just are. And just because Zayn is supporting his girlfriend (like a good boyfriend) does not mean he is the main reason they are famous. So haters just please just shut the h*ll up until you have reasonable logic (which won’t be anytime soon i assure you)

    • Ellielilmixlover

      Little Mix are amazing
      I prefer them than one direction but i Absolutely love one direction
      and people dont know little mix just cause of zayn,They have Millions of fans who made them win the x-factor !

    • Jourdy

      You go girl

    • ILoveLittleMix

      You have a bad mouth. I understand u love little mix,but i love them more. :) Just to make sure u r above 13 right? please respond if u have time lol! Hope u can speak soon.

    • ILoveLittleMix

      You know what you are a damn bitch

    • ILoveLittleMix

      I love little mix! They are so damn good. I love them more then anything. Ya’ll people out there you have a logic reason to love little mix… BECAUSE I DO!!! LOL:) :) :) :)

    • Gigi loves little mix

      Most mixers knew about little mix BEFORE Zerrie came so it doesn’t have anything to do with how famous they r I learned about them from the radio I didn’t even know about zerrie then

  • Venice

    I’m singing Wings for my school talent show! ^_^ Little Mix are freaking amazing! And to everyone who says otherwise, or who are jealous because of Zayn + Perrie, f**k you & kiss my ass, dickhead. Little mix is the BEST girl group ever.

    • ILoveLittleMix

      Girl u know what you are a dickhead yourself and kiss your own ass little mix is amazing i promise you are a bitch.No wonder why everyone hates your little ass.

  • jade

    rock on little mix i love your song wings

  • Kayla

    The only reason they got discovered is because of Zayn, and the people who always talk about Perrie and say all that shit are just being a kiss-up, they talk about her and say she’s perfect because they want something from her, and the thing they want is her boyfriend Zayn Malik, 99% of Mixers are Directioners.

    • Jessica

      There ain’t nothing wrong being a directioner and a mixer. And really who has sucked up to Perrie? Like they no they can’t have Zayn. Just because One Direction was on the x factor before them doesn’t mean anything. Little Mix obviously won theirs so who gives a flying fuck? And NO not 99% of Mixers aren’t Directioners. Most of them might be but not all. So get your damn facts right hun.

      • Tasha

        Amen :)

    • Jessica

      No hun. they got famous on their own . get your facts right, then you can say something.

    • No

      Actually I liked one direction because of little mix so you just think about that

    • Emily

      HAHA, no. They are amazing. Without or without Zayn, they would still be freaking amazing. So, think before you type. K. Bye.

  • GmDh

    Zayn doesnt have anything to do with their fame…… they are succsesful on their own! :)

    • Kayla

      Umm, no they’re not haven’t you noticed? 99% of Mixers are Directioners so… that’s how Little Mix were discovered. Nobody knew about them till they found out Zayn was dating Perrie from the group. Get that through your thick skull.

      • Ells

        Umm, no.
        First of all just because 1D won the X factor before them doesn’t mean they were discovered when Perrie dated Zayn.
        Second of all, being a mixer and directioner is something normal so get your facts straight =.=

      • gigi live little mix

        Well…… I leaned about one direction because of little mix think about that stupid ass whore!!!!!!!!!!

  • samantha

    shut up is u dont like them u can just f*** off and they are the best girl band ever

  • samantha dunlop

    shut up little mix are the best girl group so if u dont like it when you know what to do f**** up

  • katie

    you know what, i just saw little mix on youtube they were pretty good you know any way there pretty good looking :))))))


    Fuck you perrie edwards you are such a bitch

    • samantha

      says you

    • Cay

      My question is how? How is she a bitch? From what I’ve seen she is pretty damn cool and nice. Grow up and accept the fact that Zayn is dating her.

    • ^_^

      I absolutely like little mix

    • Brooke

      Perrie isn’t really that bad but hating here won’t make Zayn like or love you little mix can succeed without any help from Zayn

    • Awesome

      Watch ur mouth Perrie has nothing to do with u. She is an awesome singer. U dont know how to get ur facts straight. U r a Stupid f****n b***h.

    • Indi loves perrie

      get a life. ad once you get it, stop hating because itll be too short

  • Rebecca loves Little Mix

    I absolutely love Little Mix, they are amazing and i hope they make it far… No cross that they WILL make it far in music bizz cos they are the best (I am a directioner and i don’t like little mix cos of Zayn, i love them for little mix not Zayn!!) And Really haters gonna hate!

  • orville

    i love the mix spice girls they are so preety.

  • Queen Perrie

    I absolutely love Little Mix! I hope they become really popular in the U.S! also I thought Leigh’s pug was Humphrey

  • Dinna

    LOVE Leigh-Anne and Jade.

  • Meh

    Honestly i think people only like Little Mix because one of the members is dating Zayn Malik. They’re actually not a big deal here (the uk). Just another girl group, I prefer Stooshe :))

    • Rebecca loves Little Mix

      Omg lies, they are amazing! I love Little Mix!

  • Lauren Mitchell

    OMG i absolutly love Little Mix which is different because im from america and most people when i bring it up are like what the heck are you talking about and look at me like im crazy but i like different because its cool

    • you loser

      oh just shut upp jeez