Quiz: Which One Direction GF Are You?

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We all know that every time a member of One Direction is spotted with a new girl, our hearts break juuuust a little bit. Even if the guy has been in a relaysh since forever — like Elounor! — we can’t help but think that we’d be perf for Niall, Louis, Liam, Zayn or Harry. So, we thought it’d be appropriate to put together a little quiz to determine which 1D girlfriend you’re most like! Keep clicking — you know you wanna.


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  • Sammantha Johns on

    Well I love harry he is a sweet and an amazing singer

  • hadiqa

    I love u one direction plz marry me

  • catlen

    Niall is mine all u other people shut the fuck up

  • zaynmylove

    Zayn I love you and always will

    • Zahraa Allie

      Hi, i am Zahra allie i just wanted to tell you that Zayn Javaad Malik is all about personality and you must be be extremly BEAUTIFUL and have an amaZAYN pensonaltiy but i think he will better off with me and my classmate not to boast or anything but i have been INLOVE with ZAYN MALIK ever since he put foot on the stage in the X factor and sang Let Me Love You. So thank u for taking up of ur precious time to read my comment hope u are well

      Love : Zahra Allie ……………….

  • n2

    I love harry sooooo much

  • mrs styles

    harry is mine all mine oh and i am MRS STYLES so please backoff !!!!!!!

  • faiza khan

    all of them are bullshit

  • Lexirocks

    Shut the fuck up like u ever gonna meet him

  • niall horan

    Hi niall here i love all of my fans but i love my gf over in ireland i am so sorry but god be with u all !!!!!!!: p.s i am not niall my name is kik costello

  • Mrs.Styles

    Harry is the best one out of the band

  • mariam

    zayn in my boyfriend in future

  • mrs styles

    i am sure that if harry meet me he definatly loves me and i will be his girlfriend cause i am the best for him…and is only mine and nobody elsee..he is my future husdand..and i love him more than anything and i am the biggest fan of him..

    • Ygfftrd

      you’re not Mrs .Styles

    • Amirah Moses

      No his so mine

      • mrs styles

        In your dreams !!!!

  • katia styles

    i loveee harry he is all my life

  • louis girlfriend

    it crushes my heart to see louis with eleanor, because he loves her so much and she is so perfect for him. i hate it but i wish them the best

  • Tatiana Malik

    Zayn is the best but I like all of them

  • Tatiana

    Zany is the best in the group and I’m right

  • jordy

    I love harry styles
    because is so hot

  • mikayla horan

    I love Niall he’s cute funny and carefree

    • Tatiana Malik

      Zayn is the best and im right

  • niall

    Niall is fucking sexy.nial is mine ,the rest of u suck dick.