Celeb Battle: Who Should Get Custody of Robsten’s Dog Bear, Rob Pattinson or Kristen Stewart?

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We think we should rename this week’s Celeb Battle to Custody Battle because things are certainly getting ugly (and heartbreaking) in the now-infamous Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart cheating scandal. The latest in the saga is that the (former?) couple has been fighting over the custody of their dog, Bear. And even though we have no qualifications whatsoever, not to mention the fact that this isn’t any of our business, we thought we’d get ourselves involved, play lawyer, and have you people vote for who you think should get custody of Bear.

Apparently Kristen is keeping her beloved cat Max, but since Bear was adopted by both Rob and Kristen together, things are a bit more complicated. Check out the video our friends at Clevver made below for even more deets:

Fans originally thought Bear was Rob’s dog, but things seem to have gotten complicated as evidenced in our interview with Kristen back in May while she was promoting ‘Snow White and the Huntsman.’ Not only did she talk about Max and Bear as if they were both her pets, but she seemed to imply Bear is somewhat emotional dependent on her. Awwww.

“They both like me, love me in very different ways,” she said. “Bear is literally a child, he’s still a baby. And Max is like, I mean, we live together. He’s like my roommate. So there is a difference there.” she says. Check out her talking about both Bear and Max below.

This seriously breaks our hearts. Be sure to vote on if you’re Team Kristen or Team Rob in the custody battle, and then make your argument for who you picked and why in the comments! Then we’ll forward this onto Robsten’s lawyers.

Vote for Robsten As Best Celeb Couple!

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  • robsten

    i think they should get over every thing and share the dog i mean they both love each other and well they both need each other and they just need to forget the past and move on and yeah it was wrong for her to cheat but im mean how many other celeberitys cheat on each other but the public is making it like its the end of the world and im really devestated after all she is my role model but every body is lookin at it wrong she didnt cheat on rob bcuz she met another person she cheated on rob bcuz she fell in love with edward and rob fell in love with bella thats the problem but no one will just stop and think about it that way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nicole corky

    Defiantly R patz 😀 xxx <3 he need bear much more especially from all his heart loss :)

  • Lucy

    Rob should get Bear…. Kristen cheated on him and so the least she cold do is give Rob the dog to cheer him up a little!!

  • Carina

    Well I think Rob should get it… but not because I’m mad at Kristen and it’s not even anyone’s business except theirs. So everyone shut up about Kristen cuz no one even know the whole frickin story so stfu!!! But anyway I think Rob should have Bear because Kristen already has the cat.

    • Bohemain

      Took the words out of my mouth. Everybody makes mistakes.

      • Paulo

        – MANDIE IT WAS AN IMMENSE PLEASURE to share that precious time with you!! I look foarrwd to a lot more time. I also look foarrwd to hearing you personal success stories. I will be in the front row! GO FOR IT GIRL!! ML

  • Brooke Davidson

    I think Rob should get Bear since Kristen is getting the cat PLUS, she cheated on him he needs something to make him happy since Kristen broke his heart. Anyway they both get a pet, Kristen keeps the cat, and Rob gets Bear. It’s fair after what she did to him!

    • Lucy

      I agree 100% :)

  • Samantha

    Honestly I think rob should get the dog but its not fair that Kristen has to hear all this crap about how she should not and other things

  • Brittney

    Rob. All the way. After the shit Kristen put him though, Rob gets the dog. The bitch is already taking the cat.

  • 1DFanatic

    I think Rob should get it, after Kristen cheated on him, it’s the least he can do

  • potterhead.

    Rob.. he already had his gf cheat on him, he shouldn’t have to lose his dog too. Kristen should feel bad and at least let him have the dog after breaking his heart

  • ailbhe

    i think kristen should have bear because rob is 2 busy doing movies!x

    • Cynthia

      And Kristen isn’t? PLUS, she’s busy sucking on a married man’s face.

      • Abubakar

        He sounds like a prtety happy guy, a somewhat different tone than the VF interview. Always so good to hear his voice. I also wish the interview could have been longer. Just never get enough of Rob