Stuff To Post On Your Wall: 10 Unfortunate Memes Kristen Stewart Kinda Set Herself Up For

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Hearts around the world were shattered the day Kristen Stewart apologized to Robert Pattinson for cheating on him. After all, we were so hoping it was just a KStew lookalike in those photos! So we decided to devote this week’s Stuff To Post On Your Wall memes exclusively to KStew — that she sorta set herself up for. We stole them from the internet instead of making our own this time, but regardless, check out these mean memes and tell us — are you Team Kristen in this whole saga (ha)?

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  • Nicole

    Shes mean for doing that….

  • TM

    I think we should all be able to make a difference between the celeb’s career and it’s personnal life ! Who are we to judge her ? It’s none of our business ; We don’t know sufficent facts to have a clear established opinion !! Cheating is of course a horrible thing to do to your partner but it happens every day so why make such a big thing out of it only because it’s K-Stew and Rob ?! Kris is a very talented actrice and the way she manages her private life won’t change anything !

  • bre

    why she do that now no one will want to watch her on tv i no i dont

  • cece

    awwwww lol i love em both but the #judging you one is hilarious!!!

  • Rania

    Ok, about that Rob has forgive Kristen ; yew should know guys that this is kinda of contract between ’em so Kristen won’t lose her fans either Rob’s fans, Twilight fans, or even her fans! So now they act like they got back together and Rob has forgive her and everything is goin right between ’em! But it’s not! And soon you’ll hear the news confessions bout Kristen & Rob breakin up so the fans won’t blame kristen cause things are lookin normal to us! Its just a missunderstood the reason they broke up! And it’s not easy for kris to lose her fans and she’s about to have their movie release! Cum’on we all figured out this when Chris hit Rihanna! He HIT her! And they just back together then broke up as a normal couples broke up! That’s it 😉

    • Kay

      If you think that this is the same as Chris Brown and Rihanna, then you’re not very smart.

  • Isabella

    Ohhh SHUT UP!!!! you don’t know nothing, tell me are you part in the pic or maybe she told you about it????? So don’t judge her because the same could happen to you!!!

  • Brittney

    Oh, yeah. The cheating bitch definitely deserves it. Though I wouldn’t say Rob is the hottest guy in Hollywood. Plus she cheated with some MARRIED guy who’s like 40. I mean wtf is wrong with her?!

  • Cezzy

    I don’t like what she did, but I’m still in her side and love her as much. No one is perfect not even celebs, and she, like all of us is human and committed a mistake. I think these memes are too harsh >.<

  • Mary

    OMG what u did!I read here that this website is not gonna be one of those that make all this Robsten drama a cause to be famous.I rlly didnt expect this from u.Dont u think it hurts to see and think about this.But u do everything just to shiw that this site is impressive and modern

  • cat

    I am on both sides. If you haven’t been thru a situation like this you will never understand what happens at that moment and what you will do and if you would give that person a second chance or not. shame on all of you because if God can forgive us for all the wrongs we do why can’t you forgive and let Rob forgive Kristen with a good heart.

  • Emily

    If she loved him that much she wouldn’t have cheated on him.