Caption This Funny Photo of Leighton Meester and Blake Lively!

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We feel like it’s literally been centuries since we’ve talked about Blake Lively and Leighton Meester in the context of Gossip Girl, rather than their side projects like movies, music and fashion events, but the girls are back in NYC, filming the sixth and final season of GG. FINALLY. And while scouring through the on-set pics, we found this gem of the ladies looking pretty hilar:



Blair is all like, “WTF, I have to film a whole nother season of this show?” While Serena, meanwhile, is all like, “Dude, Leighton, don’t talk about that here.” That’s just our interpretation of what’s happening, but please, as always, feel free to leave your captions in the comments below. Funniest one wins our congrats and our BFF-hood forever. Get crackin’!

Caption This Funny Photo of the Gleeks!

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  • Jen23

    Leighton: Your kidding me! You want me to do this! This is hell!
    Blake: This is life sis. You think i wanna do this? Kill me now.

  • Jinxgirl

    Leighton: You want us to do.. WHAT???
    Blake: Okay, fine.. But I’m not going to like it..

    • Hasnah

      I know, right? I know, right? Zombie is my fav song by them. And I love Taylor Momsens attitude she’s so grown up and seuiors.And what’s up with the tumb down thing, ppl? it’s my opinion, and by the way: it’s true. Good looks are far more treasured in Hollywood than talent.

  • molly

    Umm, I don’t get it. This picture is not funny at all. They’re clearly filming a scene, calm down, there’s nothing hilar about it!

  • Kassi

    Leighton: Why is my car going down that hill? I swear i put on the brake
    Blake: Thats the 2nd time this week

  • Lindsay

    “um.. ok