5 Different Directions the Members of One Direction Should Go

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They’re cute, they’re charming, they sell millions of records — 12 million, to be exact — and, oh yeah, their accents are AH-mazing. But if this boy band fizzles out (hey, it happens to the best of ‘em), they definitely need some back-up plans. And we think we have them all figured out…

For as much as we love staring at Zayn Malik, he should be a model. A shirtless one. He obviously already has the camera angles down. Or if that fails, maybe just an animated character in a movie.


Goofy, carefree Louis Tomlinson is always cracking jokes and loves pulling pranks. He’d make the perf comedian, don’tchya think? We can see the sold out shows now… And we’d obvs be first in line for tickets.


Blonde hair, blue eyes… What could we possibly do with Niall Horan besides have him be the spokesperson for a Swedish chocolate brand? Just like chocolate, he’s sweet and delicious — and they would fly off the shelves.


Just picture Harry Styles with his hair blowing in the breeze or soaking up the pool water. He not only has the look for the gig of a famous hair stylist, but look at his name. Hairy Styles? Yeah. It’s pretty much meant to be.


Liam Payne grew up with medical problems (one of his kidneys was dysfunctional!), so who would make a better doctor than a guy who understands what it’s like being in the doctor’s office so often? Plus, he’d make a hot doc — let’s be real. It wouldn’t take much convincing to get us to make an appointment, that’s for sure.


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23 Responses to "5 Different Directions the Members of One Direction Should Go"

  1. Teen.com
    Kawtar says:

    Steve Posted on I should add that a Vulcan male ecperienxes the pon farr every seven years, and Spock aged a lifetime overnight. If we figure him to have been about 50 at the time he left Genesis, that makes about five pon farrs’ before Admiral Kirk had enough of Rev. Jim. Saavik must have been exhausted.No wonder we scarce heard from her again.

  2. Teen.com
    directioner4ever says:

    id buy any candy with Nialls face on it :)

    • Teen.com
      Aimene says:

      Lala you shouldn’t allow ghteto girls like Shay post up any comments. Your PYNK cover looks fabulous! Your best real fashion cover yet!

  3. Teen.com
    1dluvv says:

    if Liam Payne was a doctor, id b faking sick every day of my life :)

  4. Teen.com
    gummy bear says:

    i think that no matter what happens they will always be friends. and its sadly true all boy bands fizzle out :(

    • Teen.com
      Catie says:

      Your totally right… Sadly, but @ least theyre most likely going to stay close! Well, Harry and Louis, at the very least will.

  5. Teen.com
    Amy123 says:

    All boy band fizzle out at some time. Anyone remeber Jonas Bros, or Naked Brothers band? HMMM?!?!

  6. Teen.com
    1dzainsahaja says:

    zain u r toooooooooo cute

  7. Teen.com
    Izzy north says:

    Omggg i love 1D theyre so hot and omg i love louis hes so cute sme wth everyone else ahhhh i love u all 1D nice hair at the closing ceramony at the olympics zayne luv ya harry niall liked the hair and liam so hott louis awesome tonight

    • Teen.com
      1DFanatic says:

      It’s ZAYN not “Zayne”. I can’t believe you went on and on about how amazing they are without even knowing how to spell his name right. Directionator. -______-

    • Teen.com
      Daii says:

      Linds Posted on dear mr. whitty-low.i raelly enjoy your blog.i raelly, raelly do. the pictures are always charming or stunning or both. and the words are always witty. and all of those things are just purely pleasurable. thanks for sharing the goodness.

  8. Teen.com
    Kayla says:

    First of all, shes not putting them down, she’s telling the truth. ALL boy bands fizzle put eventually. Second there not that talented, there an average band, with average singing. And lastly there not sexy, I’m not even going to say more about that.

    • Teen.com
      Catie says:

      You do realise that there r only like 1,000 haters, and like 100 million fans. Oh, and your completely wrong.

  9. Teen.com
    Lola says:

    It’s when not if One Direction fizzles out; all boy bands do. Everyone was all over Allstar Weekend like two years ago and you’ve never talked about them again since their popularity died. o_o Nothing lasts forever. Their fifteen minutes of fame are winding down . . .
    Tick. Freaking. Tock.

    • Teen.com
      onedirectioner says:

      why r u even saying anything if your just going 2 put them down like that?!?! they r extremely talented and cutie with their British accents and sexy bodies and all… :). and I dont think they’ll ever ‘fizzle out’ their 2 close of friends.

  10. Teen.com
    LOL says:

    How Could You Even Think About “1D FIZZLE OUT” !!! UHH

    • Teen.com
      Uemura says:

      Posted on Yeah, Chance, I am with you on Robin Curtis she is a terrifying Vulcan, pehraps even scarier than Laurence Luckinbill.Steve, are you serious? Did Spock hook up with Saavik someplace and I missed it? Are you sure you’re not thinking of the Kim Catrall Vulcan from Undiscovered Country?

  11. Teen.com
    Mary says:

    I would always be sick to see Liam all the time

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