The Worst Dressed Athletes (and Beauty Looks) at the 2012 Olympics

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Athletes from all over the world are winning medals, breaking world records and making their countries proud at the 2012 London Olympics, which is awesome. But as they come to a close today, some of them… well, let’s just say they’re not winning any gold medals when it comes to style. Guess even Olympians are subject to WTFashion, huh? Take a peek at these looks and tell us which is the most cringe-worthy!

Russia’s Synchronized Swimmers
Natalia Ishchenko and Svetlana Romashina
Although we do commend the makeup artists for finding products that are this waterproof, we’re kinda getting creepy-clown nightmares just looking at them. No offense!

NBC Olympics

Spain’s Synchronized Swimming Team
We’re all for sparkles, but Spain’s synchronized swimming team looks like the kanima from Teen Wolf. (Google it if you don’t believe us.)

NBC Olympics

USA Women’s Fencing Team
We’re proud of the US fencing team for bring home the bronze in the Team Epee event, but what’s with those jackets? Almost all the other US medal winners wore matching gray jackets on the medal podium, so why are some, including the fencers, wearing this weird pukey brown color?

NBC Olympics

Team Sweden
Don’t deny it, you know you immediately thought of Blue’s Clues when you saw them walking during the opening ceremony.

NBC Olympics

Japanese Soccer Fans
Uhh, an umbrella hat? Patterned sunglasses? Whatever that thing is on his head?
…Well, at least no one can say they didn’t have any team spirit.

NBC Olympics

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