Miley Cyrus Chops Off Her Hair and Debuts New Pixie Cut

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Just when we all thought that Miley Cyrus would officially be named The Queen of the Bun, Miss Cyrus went and shocked us all. And, let us just say, if you thought her platinum locks were drastic, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet, because Miley Cyrus just chopped off all of her hair. As in, the bun is completely gone. Yes, you heard us correctly. Dunzo. Kaput.

Miley, who is one to change up her style (and her body art) frequently, has always been known for having long flowing locks. Whether they were blonde or brown, even when she recently trimmed off a few inches, her hair was always past her shoulders. But, Mi is now rocking the uber-short bleached pixie cut a la singer, Robyn.

Twitter/ WENN

We know what you’re thinking — WTF?! — but let us first explain. Yesterday afternoon, Miley made over seven million of her Twitter followers gasp by posting a picture of scissors to her infamous bun followed by the caption “it’s happening.” After dissappearing from the internet for over two hours after posting her original tweet, Miley finally returned debuting the new cut in a series of pictures. Now, some may be thinking “wow, is she becoming Britney Spears 2.0?” And others may totally be loving the edgy look, but, as you can imagine Mi’s fans were not quiet with their opinions about her new ‘do and neither were’s readers. Our Facebook fan Burza Idzie commented simply, “Looks like Malfoy.” Well put, Burza.

WENN/ Warner Brothers

Another Facebook user Amanda Maille summed up her thoughts on the cut by saying, “I thought the blond was nice, but THIS…she looks like Kate from Jon and Kate Plus 8 when she has her short hair!” Hm, is it bad that we can definitely see that comparison?

So, we want to know what you think! Are you loving MiCy’s new haircut or are you still in mourning over the loss of her bun? Let us know and be sure to check out more pics of her cut below!

Miley Cyrus Short Hair

Photo: Twitter

Miley Cyrus Short Hair

Photo: Twitter

Miley Cyrus Short Hair

Photo: Twitter

Miley Cyrus Short Hair

Photo: Twitter

Miley Cyrus Short Hair

Photo: Twitter

Miley Cyrus Short Hair

Photo: Twitter

Miley Cyrus Short Hair

Photo: Twitter

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  • yasmine

    not new she smoked a bong now gonig onto the harry potter look something new will never come in the next century give it up ur on ur way to ending up like paris hilton THATS SO HOT

  • Samantha

    I htink it’s a good change. Everybody has long flowy wavy locks now I was starting to hate it!

  • jessie

    wow u guy r rude just because she got a hair cut u criticize her u wouldn’t like it if u were in that position and she did it for charity u.

  • Brittney

    What is it with girls thinking short hair is not feminine and beautiful. I will say, this isn’t my favorite short cut, but the hair styles teenagers have now look like mullets, so this is much better!! Get over it, short hair is bad ass and adorable! :) and it’s hair, it isn’t permanent, it grows back. That is what’s so great about hair.

  • Anna..

    LOOK (

    (Miley Cyrus Loves Her New Hair!)

    – I SAY: this is not possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • maria

    seriously miley …uve had better days.I used 2 love your hair and wish tht i had it But now ;-( noooooooooooooo

    • Ivan

      Not just you! I’m definitely senieg something else in Miley these days!!! I love her now! Just so long as I don’t hear her talk (i know that sounds horrible)

  • Nya

    I honestly believe that it’s her decision on how she wants her hair to look. It’s cute to me, kinda reminds me of Tinkerbell. :) Besides, she donated the rest to friggen charity! So stop hating, it’s not gonna change her hair color back, and it’s NOT gonna make it GROW back!

    • Mike

      The only reason she did it is to get back in the spotlight. Miley Cyrus’ carreer is slowly dying. She only did this as a media-stunt. She obviously doesn’t give a shit about charity. C’mon, let’s be realistic. It’s Miley fucking Cyrus we’re talking about. In a couple of weeks, she’ll probably announce her next album or live-tour. This is a pure stunt. She’s probably also getting paid for this. She may have fooled many ignorant people. But most of us has seen this through. This stunt was a catastrophe. I mean, look at the boards; 72% Are against this, and soon those 71% won’t even care about her anymore. She will only loose more fans because of this. This is the first step in making Miley Cyrus look like a mixture of Lindsay Lohan & Kesha. Making her un-famous.

  • Maddy

    At 1st wen I saw it I was lyk ewwwww but wen I saw pix of miley in the black sweater she lukd cool….plus the idea for charity is sweet nd it’s her own hair she can do wotevr she wants…..???!!OR???

  • janieangel13

    ewwwwwwww wat re all the celebs doing to their beautiful hairs ewwwwwwwwwww



  • jenna

    Guys, she donated her hair to a cancer charity!!

  • smile

    hate it whatwas she thinking

  • Jane Rios

    I have to say that I was amazed. I really love her long hair, but it’s her hair, and she can do whatever she wants. I heard that she cut her hair for charity. Thumps up !!!! She ha those beautiful eyes so whatever with her hair.

  • Giana

    Ewww , first that eww fashion and now that slobby hair and just looks like u r a slob and just woke up in the morning !!! Why did u do this to me Miley ????

  • Meg

    Omg am I dreaming !?!?? Miley when u were like 18 you looked so cute with that long hair either blonde or brown I know cause I was your idol and I used to love your style and I used to always copy it cause it was funky and cute but now…. Eww I still love your but why whyWhy why Miley I don’t really think that your new hair look fits u I feel like something disgusting vomited on your hair I can’t even look any more I am not trying to hate here but even though u have that disgusting hair I know your taking risks and that’s good but Miley I like your music but I can not look at u sorry Miley

  • Ludwiggers.

    i love it! i think it suits her and she looks tots adorable.she just did what she wanted and stuck to it.she’s her own person and she wont let haters get to her.she’s a true role model.and i love wht she did with her hair.and if you’re a smiler than you should be happy that she stuck to what she believes was the right decision.

    • Gian

      ?? !?!? What are u thinking is your head straight cause what to her hair got to far

      • Kaya

        She cut her hair to donate it to a cancer charity Gershwin have a heart.

    • Anna..

      I’m sorry, but it was horrible, seriously! I do not know what she sees wrong in her hair

  • Muriel

    Miley has finally cracked! Don’t like it at all!

  • PandaLuver23

    Where’s the Hannah Montana wig when you need it?

  • Lola

    She’s trying way too hard to stay “edgy” and relevant. Miley Cyrus,in my opinion,is just desperately wanting to be viewed as hardcore and bad-ass. It’s not working. We get it,Miley. You’re not Hannah Montana anymore–except the blonde hair isn’t helping.

  • Katy

    Hate it. She looked soo much better with long hair. First blond now this. I don’t like it.

  • ashley

    ugghhh she just looks disgusting!!!

    • Kimi

      he he harin tiimee heeeld yu gehew bugdtei sanal niilj bainaa ugaasaa l saihan hosuud boloh baisan yum selena gdg yum justinig uruu tataagui baisan bol shuu dee odooch gesen oroitohgui shuu dee