Did Miley Cyrus Cut Her Hair for Cancer? The Truth Behind the Rumors

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While most celebrity hair wouldn’t spark much debate (except maybe if Justin Bieber or Harry Styles shaved theirs off completely, then that’s a matter of public concern), Miley Cyrus and her new chopped locks have caused an outpour of both support and dispute. The main issue: Fans and media outlets alike cannot figure out if Miley did it for a) attention, b) boredom, c) just because or d) a cancer charity.

Some have laid claim that choice a) is the most likely of the above, but during the trending topic of ‘Miley Cyrus’ on Twitter today, many have come to Miley’s side, suggesting — scratch that — insisting that she donated it to a good cause. Here were a couple of the defensive comments:


Though Miley has yet to confirm or deny the information, some publications, like the Examiner, advise that it’s not possible for this to be a fact, based on Locks of Love‘s official site: “[H]air that has been permed or dyed IS acceptable. However, hair that has been bleached is not accepted. Assuming Miley Cyrus has not used bleach in the past (she has dyed it), she would still need to reach the 10 in length requirement. Miley has sported long enough hair in the past, but a recent haircut likely put her under the length requirement.”

So between the length of her pre-cut hair and her dye job, it’s almost out of the realm of possibility for Miley to have donated her tresses to a cancer charity. However, whether or not she did, it doesn’t seem like she’s going to open up on the matter any time soon.

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  • Mystery

    Miley I think you did a great job cutting your hair and giving to charity for cancer

    • Karl

      Did you not read the article? It says she couldn’t have donated it to charity.

  • praise

    oh my ! your really my fan miley cyrus forever and ever ..

  • Candy1235

    I dont get what the fuss is about this she cut her hair so what.

  • *OMG*

    all i am reading is ” who cares” and stuff like that…lik really????? if yall didnt care y u searched it up????? i searched it up cuz i wuz seein how it looked so dont ask me….yall tellin everybody esle to grow up n stuff wen your the 1 who needs 2!!! does it really matter??????? all u guys needed 2 say was “i lik the hair” or just give your honest opinion…dont even say its just hair cuz im sure all of u care about your hair…wow!?! :/

  • Brennna Falk

    Whatever the reason may be, it’s awful. Liam is going to bolt any minute…

    • i love men

      Looks catch attention personality makes you stay so if he leaves her because she got a haircut then that’s really dumb of him, hair grows back just saying

  • Ashley

    You guys are Worrying about Hair? Seriously Hair?? Kids are starving, Living on streets, No money to fund them or anything, And all you low life losers just care about Miley Cyrus’s hair? Who care if she donated or did it for attention. If she cut it for attention its her freakin problem. I know a girl who has a really bad case of depression and is suicidal. So why the Hell are you people worried about Miley Cyrus’s Hair? We should all focus on life problems and ways the fix them. So Get a life and go help people who need it and not sit around like a loser freaking out about someones hair. Let them deal with their own problems. Thank-You

  • Jessi Voss

    Seriously if we all didnt care we wouldnt be commenting

  • Cassandra Bailey

    I think that her cutting her hair for a cancer reason is very nice of her.But why is it that When she does it,she gets to be on the news and everything else.There are people out there that deserve Props an to be shown that are not celebrities!I knkow personaly i am a senior in high school an due to my mother having to go through treatments an loosing her hair,I decided to cut almost 30 inches of hair off all the way down to a bald head to help her get throught it.Some people do things for a reason,But others dont get noticed because there not Famous,in movies,tv shows,Or a singer…Personaly i dont feel she should be in the spotlight for any of this,Rather she is getting compliments or Trash talked,Theres plenty of other people with better storys to tell.

    • lupita

      miley did do it for a great cause but the way she is acting is not god;y she need to go to church or something because that girl needs jesis really really REALLY bad btw she is a shame to her family i mean twerking on a married mad is terrible the end\

  • dick

    just wanted a new style lolol

  • Cocopops

    A bunch of crap comes out of people’s mouth. OfficialCancer obviously lied. Miley’s hair was bleached before and is too short to donate. I don’t like her, but that’s not why I believe Miley didn’t donate.

    She has done good things before, that is a fact, but there is no possible way she could have sent her hair to charity. She did it for attention whether for Liam or the press. Some people are just so desperate for gossip, the biggest thing that’s going on is Miley’s new hair.

    Just grow up! Who cares about Miley’s hair anyways? Everywhere in the world, people are dying, from hunger or diseases or accidents, and THIS is the most interesting thing people put up? I hate this generation.

  • anonymous

    Did you ever think she could have done it for a movie? Actors have todo stuffs like that sometimes

  • Darby

    really? people are freaking over this? what about all the kids out there being bullied or starving or better yet the fact that people dont care about anything that isnt published or themseves. i mean im a 13 year old girl and am more worried about the kids like my best friend who barely have a house and are suicidal, let stop focusing on the unimportant stuff like someones hair and pay attention to the kids that need help, that is all. Thank-you.

    • Demetria

      You are an intelligent young lady, and I agree with you. I am 17 and I get really annoyed at the fact that people have discussed this more than the fact that people commit suicide, are being bullied, are broke, are homeless, are starving, yet Miley Cyrus’s hair is more important. Yeah, right. I was kicked out of my parents home and no one has helped me so I have had to dip into the spare savings I had to stay at a crappy hotel and I only have enough for about one day. Hair is the least of my worries. It just pissed me off that so,e ignorant adults actually care about this. Society is awful. Not to mention, just for a fact, her hair was bleached so it wasn’t able to be donated, along with the remark that it wasn’t long enough for the requirements.

  • Snorlax

    Are we really giving this much attention for someone cutting their hair?

  • LOL


    • Anonymous

      no she is not “fake” she’s a real person

  • Jen

    why is this such a big deal? are people not allowed to cut their hair just because they want to? honestly, *this* is what people are making such a big deal over, when there is more important stuff going on in the world…

  • KATY

    did you ever stop to think that maybe it wasn’t locks of love that she donated it to? just because they’re the more popular charity for this type of thing doesn’t mean its the only charity.

    • Alysha

      yes, but still. any sensible charity won’t take hair that has been damaged by bleach.

  • samantha

    this is why i don’t like people

  • Jessica miller

    She just did it for attention. God knows she can’t get enough of it. She bleached it before it was cut, so she couldn’t donate it. She prolly got bored with her long hair. She’s rich. She can just get extensions put in when she doesn’t like her hair anymore.

    • Anonymous

      You don’t know if she did it for attention , you don’t even know why she cut her hair so be quiet and leave her alone it’s HER hair she can do what she pleases with it.

  • Suki

    Wasn’t her hair already kind of blond before she cut it? Cuz if it was then it couldn’t have been donated. Even if people say she dyed it blond she had to have bleached it first since her hair is naturally darker.

  • Angelica

    In my honest opinion, Miley did it for a new look. Her hair was bleached, was it not? So she could not donate it. But why would she lie about it?

  • Anonymous

    well.. its her life, why would u all treat her, like he kill the president, what so amazing when she cut her hair??? what about pink?? rihanna?? oh.. please!! NOTHING SPECIAL!

  • Meeeee

    I honestly don’t care about why she cut her hair but I’m interested in why people are making a big deal out of it… So what, she cut and bleached her hair. I personally think it looks nice on her. Why not assume she just wanted a change in hairstyle?

  • freedom

    Does it really matter? As long as she likes it why should our opinion matter?

    • Anonymous

      first of all it matters. Freedom of speech so be nice. bye

    • grandma betty

      first of all it matters. Freedom of speech so be nice.

  • jenni

    who cares… its done and over with… she can do what shes wants… and whats it matter why… if your going to judge someone for what they did to their hair youre an asshole… the end.

    • i love men

      * why does it matter, *you’re
      before you try to defend her, learn how to spell or else you’re the one that looks stupid(: