Happy Bday, Jennifer Lawrence! 7 Ways She’d Celebrate, ‘Hunger Games’-Style

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Katniss Everdeen’s birthday may fall on May 8th, but we can still praise the star who plays the Girl on Fire today, August 15. Jennifer Lawrence just turned 22! Although one can only guess that she’ll have a quiet evening with some friends and cutie boyfriend Nicholas Hoult, we thought we could pretend what her night would be like if she celebrated… Hunger Games-style!


The Invitations: DIY invites, courtesy of Effie Trinket.


The Menu: Burnt bread and fresh groosling. Hope no one’s a picky eater.


The Set-Up: Mahogany tables — with cloths over them, of course.
We’re not too sure Effie would appreciate crumbs or stains.


The Attire: A Grecian headpiece and yellow dress.
As of this point, she’s probably sick of twirling in the red Girl on Fire gown anyway.


The Makeup: A glistening  Flickerman-esque smile with a touch of Cinna’s gold skyliner,
but otherwise fresh-faced.

The Guests: Although most of the people from THG are dead by the end,
you can still guarantee that good ol’ Haymitch will be there to get his drink on.


The Party Games: Err — on second thought,
perhaps any mention of Games shouldn’t be allowed.


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