Quiz: Which ‘Shake It Up’ Character Are You Most Like?

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Whether they’re dancing on TV for the entire city of Chicago or just trying to survive public school like normal teenagers, Cece, Rocky and the rest of the characters on Disney Channel’s Shake It Up! are always having a blast. To celebrate the upcoming three-part finale of the show, ”Made in Japan,” take our quiz to find out which SIU character you are, and don’t miss the all-new episode this Friday!


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9 Responses to "Quiz: Which ‘Shake It Up’ Character Are You Most Like?"

  1. Teen.com
    Nathan says:

    Im rocky

  2. Teen.com
    Hannah says:

    I think I’m cece jones

  3. Teen.com
    Hannah says:

    I love it

  4. Teen.com
    Hannah says:

    I am cece

  5. Teen.com
    belle says:

    i think im rocky blue

  6. Teen.com
    sophie says:

    Im Cece!!!

  7. Teen.com
    noce says:


  8. Teen.com
    adjg says:


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