10 Clues: Guess the Movie

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This week’s 10 Clues: Guess the Movie challenge is intense, exciting and has a super cast! Seriously, you couldn’t ask for any better. Do you think you can guess the movie with just 10 hints? Start clicking through the clues to find out!

1. The main actor in this one is definitely big fan of this movie’s genre.
2. Tons of movies use CGI (computer-generated imagery for those who don’t understand) to make things bigger and better, but this one did the exact opposite.
3. One of this movie’s stars is in an upcoming flick with a Harry Potter actor.

Warner Bros.

Click for clues 4-7!

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3 Responses to "10 Clues: Guess the Movie"

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    fKELtsjd says:

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  2. Teen.com
    Emily says:

    its captain america. this is way too obvious.

  3. Teen.com
    chelsa says:

    transformer revenge of the fallen

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