‘Hunger Games’ DIY: Foxface and Katniss Paper Garland

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Happy birthday to Jacqueline Emerson a.k.a. Foxface — the actress turns 18 today! Now that we have our Hunger Games Blu-ray, we can celebrate her b-day by watching her killer performance in the movie and we have a sweet DIY craft to go along with it.

Last week we showed you how to make Hunger Games party invitations and now, we have an adorable Foxface and Katniss paper garland inspired by this Dribbble photo!


Step 1: Buy red, white and grey paper. You could also do yellow cats (like Prim’s cat Buttercup!).

Step 2: Cut out long oval shapes that come to a point on one of the ends. This is the part you’ll fold down to make the face. These don’t have to be perfect!

Step 3: Cut out tails and ears (and the white areas for the foxes) and glue them on.

Step 4: Draw on eyes, noses and whiskers (for the cats).

Step 5: Hang them on some twine and string them up near your TV. Bonus points, hang them on some barbed wire to represent the boundaries of The Seam!!!

For more photos of our garland, check out our Hunger Games party Pinterest board.

Check Out our Interview With Foxface!

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  • Muhammad

    Sorry, but A.) She is supposed to have dakrer hair than that in the book which is even stated if you read it. B.) She looks nothingggg like how shes described in the book. Shes supposed to be thin (not curvy like this) and shes supposed to have soft features. Not defined cardboard cut out model ones like this. Selena Gomez would’ve been a good choice for the role. She has a child like face but when you apply certain makeup to her face she can look older and more mature (like when katniss’ crew tries to make her look 30 when shes making the propo’s). Selena can act sweet and innocent but at the same time she can bring a level of edge and an aged personality to the table like katniss did in the book. I don’t know who casted this movie, but they need to fire them lol the only good call they made was Effie, Gale and Haymitch. As for Prim, they should’ve hired Elle Fanning.

  • Ludwiggers.


    • RawrImaPanda