5 Reasons We’re Still Obsessed with Gangnam Style

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Sometimes when a video goes viral, we’re not quite sure why it became so popular (we’re looking at you Nyan Cat). But, in the case of PSY’s “Gangnam Style” video, even though we’re still not 100 percent sure what is going on in the vid, we can completely understand why people are obsessed.

We’re still obsessed with it ourselves. First, rewatch the original:

Although the video was released over a month ago and is super popular in other parts of the world, it was just heating up when we featured it in this episode of The Click Clique. But our love continues. Here are five GIF reasons why we can’t get enough “Gangnam Style” in our lives.

1. Who knew that horseback riding was such an awesome dance inspiration? Move over shopping cart and sprinkler!

2. You gotta love a little bit of a dance battle in the middle of a parking lot. C’mon, who doesn’t?!

3. This little kid can dance better than any grown adult we know (and Justin Bieber).

4. PSY actually reminds us of a cross between Ken Jeong and Justin Bieber, making him 100 percent awesome.

5. We’ve always wanted to witness (or participate in a flash mob), and this video has quite a few spontaneous dance parties that leave us pretttttty jealous.


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Watch Meghan and Cat’s Epic ‘Gangnam Style’ Lip Dub!

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  • duygu

    allahım ya bune böyle

  • Maria

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  • olivia

    this will never get old :)

    me and my friends laugh so hard every time we see this video but the song is actually pretty catchy:D

  • Bryce

    I find myself addicted to the song, rather the video that accompanies it.

  • Amber

    I love this video of much i showed it to my personal development class

  • Jhon Peters

    Open Condom Style

  • Andy

    What about the man dancing above PSY in the elevator? Always makes me crack up

  • Sakura

    Psy should never ever ever ever be compared to JB EVER. Psy is far superior.

    Ahh, I remember when.this video had less than 100k views. Yg makes me so happy.

  • May

    Omg! Kpop finally is on this site. I’ve been listening to YG (the record label PSY is under) for a loooonnng time now. Psy is amazing as well as all of the artist under YG entertainment. G-Dragon of Big Bang is having his 2nd solo soon and I hope he makes it on here! (:

    • Rob Carcamo

      Doubt it [about GD being on this site). I liked Kpop before Gagnam Style too, but let’s face it. Ppl only like Gagnam Style because of how goofy the people look in the video.

      For the Kpop fans, they’re laughing WITH Psy; but for ppl that have never been exposed to Kpop before this, they’re laughing AT Psy. The sad truth …..

    • Sara


  • Ellen Leong

    Funny,for teens, disturbing,weird,crazy

  • Ellen Leong

    I watched it before. It is interesting and disturbing and funny. It is getting quite popular. I hope u guys watch it