Sam Claflin Cast as Finnick in ‘The Hunger Games’ Sequel, ‘Catching Fire’

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We hate to use the term “it’s official” often, but we’re willing to make an exception today because… it is official — Sam Claflin (AKA the guy who’s been “reportedly cast” in the role of Catching Fire‘s Finnick Odair for the last month) is finally confirmed for the Hunger Games sequel.


Though names like Alex Pettyfer and Chace Crawford were tossed around during our Survival of the Finnicks game (in which Chace came out the champion) and Glee bad boy Grant Gustin admitted to auditioning for the coveted part, the Snow White and the Huntsman actor’s been a front-runner since the beginning, and was just dubbed the District 4 victor today. Makes perfect sense, considering he’s described as being “extremely handsome… tall, muscular, and athletic… bronze-colored hair, and ‘incredible’ sea green eyes, making him very popular in the Capitol.” The only thing missing is the tan skin, but we’re sure he’ll do just fine without that minor detail. (After all, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth did pretty well without completely matching their characters‘ descriptions.)

With Finnick casting now out of the way, the main tribute left is Beetee, the man who will play alongside Amanda Plummer’s Wiress. Other recent additions to the movie include Stephanie Leigh Schlund (Cashmere), Maria Howell (Seeder), E. Roger Mitchell (Chaff), and Alan Ritchson (Gloss). (You can see all of them here.)

To get your fill of Sam before next year’s Catching Fire release (or before SWATH goes on DVD), watch what happened during our interview with him — in London!

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  • Hannah

    He seems ok but not a perfect match for Finnick, I read he never read the books or anything so thats stupid. He beter do some justice to my faviorte character (Finnick)
    I got to say though they better do better on Annie. Oh and not supper happy with pick of Johanna, just doesnt fit. :(

  • Kiera

    I’m going to assume the majority of the people commenting on here have the mental age of (or in fact, actually are) 12 since everyone’s focusing on how much Sam doesn’t look like Finnick? Stop being so damn superficial, it’s about how well he PLAYS Finnick! Appearances can easily be altered to suit a film (don’t like the hair colour/style? Dye/cut/grow. Don’t like the eye colour? Contacts. Don’t like the build? Diet/Carbo-load/workout), and before anyone else jumps in with ‘but he’s never played a part like Finnick before!’ So what? That’s what the auditioning process is for, so the directors can see if the actor can truly capture the personality of the character. No one was at his audition so until the film comes out, no one can really comment on his ability to play Finnick.

  • Kimberly Goddard

    I was quite upset with this casting choice. I always pictured Finnick as Garrett Hedlund or Armie Hammer. Yes, Sam is a good actor. Yes, Sam is attractive. But in my mind he’s not “Finnick”.

  • star

    I hope he can get rid of his brittish accent

  • Ari

    I know, I know, not everyone’s going to be completely happy with this choice. But the directiors/casting people know what they’re doing (hopefully), and who knows? He could be fantastic! We just have to be patient and see for ourselves when it comes out, okay?

  • HG Fan

    Not a fan…. should have got someone who fits Finnick maybe someone… YOUNGER. He looks about 30 :/ In the book Finnick is about 20. I’m dissapointed but the directors casted him for a reason… :/

  • Lola

    Great . . . I was hoping for Chace Crawford or Alex Pettyfer. Sam Claflin was my least favorite choice; hell,I’d almost rather they’d picked Justin Bieber for Finnick instead of Sam Claflin. Almost. Sam is the lesser of the two evils,but this is ridiculously absurd. What were the bloody casting directors thinking? . . . I’m not going to answer that. He is not Finnick. First Johanna,now this? Extremely disappointed.

    • Avery

      Dear Lola, are you from Britain or the UK? Because you use the word bloody a lot when you write comments, so I’m just guessing. If you are from either of those places: how’s life living there? I mean it must be pretty cool because of the Olympics and Kate and Will.

      • Emily

        LOLOLOL I have no idea what that comment has to do with Lola’s comment. But I do agree with Lola. And you do have a point though xD

    • lily

      i think william levy would’ve been perfect for the part of finnick. i honestly was hoping thet suzanne would change her mind about sam. he is so not the person for the part!!!!!!!!god i wish they would change it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Zoe

      Exactly!!!! Personally I think Logan Lerman could have been a good choice but whtevs.

      • Clark

        Logan Lerman is 20 and barely looks 18. I think it’s unfair to judge Claflin’s ability to play this role until we see the movie. I think he looks the part, and everything I’ve seen him in has been great. he’s adaptable to the role and will be fine. we can’t all get what/who we want.