PLL Recap: Which Girl Had it the Hardest on Last Night’s Ep?

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While the news of a Pretty Little Liars spin-off is enough to cause us anxiety (in a good way, obvs), last night’s PLL episode entitled “Single Fright Female” gave us heart palpitations to last us a lifetime. And that’s without focusing on Maya’s killer for a majority of the show. Which of the little liars had it the worst? That’s for you to decide…

1. What happened with Spencer? While hanging out with Cece, Spence learns that Emily’s current GF, Paige, hasn’t been completely honest. Apparently, Alison and Paige had a longstanding history of hatred toward each other. So much so that Paige (AKA Pigskin to Cece and Ali) gave Alison bruises on her backside. When Spencer remembers this, she tries to alert Emily, using the word ‘snake’ in the process. Of course Em didn’t want to hear it. Later on, while Spencer tries on clothing in a changing room, a snake attacks her! Coincidence? Well, considering Spencer found the missing earring from Ali’s grave inside Paige’s bag, we think not.

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2. What happened with Emily? After seeing Emily kiss Nate, Paige has been a little… on edge. But when Emily admits to her infidelity, Paige doesn’t mention that she witnessed it in person, and shrugs it off instead. Simple enough, right? Maybe not. Now it seems like Paige is trying to pit Em against her friends, suggesting that one of them possibly drugged her. Emily doesn’t believe a word of it, but Paigemily (hmm, need a better couple name) still shares a sweet moment afterward.

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Leave it to good ol’ Jenna, though, to spoil it all. When Paige goes inside, Jenna gives Em a warning: “Be very careful who you spend time with Emily. Very careful.” Who is she talking about?!

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3. What happened with Hanna? Remember that little hard drive everyone assumed Ian had when Spencer dropped it in the church? (We know, this is taking it way back.) Anyway, two-timer Ted supposedly found it still in the church, and gives it to Ashley. Hanna asks for it back, but her mother insists they should bring it to police after she watches it. But best-boyfriend-in-the-world Caleb convinces Ashley that the police aren’t on the girls’ side. Well, and also that fact that there was footage of Ashley and Officer Wilden together pretty much stopped her in her tracks, too.

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4. What happened with Aria? It’s Ezra’s birthday! But after learning his mother tried to pay Aria off, he can’t help but feel guilty about his HS girlfriend Maggie (whom he impregnated). Was she alright? Or did her life cripple without him? Since he wasn’t in the mood for celebrating, Aria took it upon herself to visit Maggie. It seemed like Maggie was doing great without Ezra. She became an elementary school teacher not too far from Rosewood. Oh, and she has a son. Who’s 7 years old. And looks like Ezra. So, happy birthday, Mr. Fitz. It looks like you’re a father!

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But the biggest OMG moment happened in the last minute. The infamous black gloves touch the surface of a jukebox… Then, those same hands pass off a set of keys to another pair of black gloves! If Mona’s still in the psych facility, that means there’s at least two more “A”s out there!

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  • zoe aka spencer

    if you notice when emliy and toby where drinking tea evey time tody said something about -a he pointed at his self

  • zoe aka spencer

    there is still another a out there

  • Jane

    Wow this episode was ironic.

  • emm

    so the promo for the summer finale just came out and i was wondering dose anybody think that ezra is maybe one of As? do you remember when aria found all that money in his wardrobe and then ezra kind of explained, but when they started to watch that movie he looked weirdly at the wardrobe. and i think paige is definitely hiding something. why would she want to separate emily from her friends? and lola i totally agree with you about aria and wes!

  • Lola

    I really like Emily,but I’ve never liked Maya or Paige–especially Paige. I’ve always been suspicious of Paige,but they seemed so . . . genuinely in love that I thought maybe Paige was semi-alright. Although she did try to kill Emily. o_o I don’t know. Paige is just . . . suspicious. After this episode,however,I’m pretty sure she’s part of the “A” team. Emily had the worst night. P.S. Is it odd that I think Wes and Aria would make a better couple than Ezra and Aria?

  • Megan

    I don’t think Nathan is Maya’s cousin! Maya once mentioned having a stalker ex and I think that’s who he is. When Emily asked for the address of Maya’s parents he didn’t know it. Nor did he have any way of getting it since Maya’s parents aren’t his aunt ad uncle. Also does anybody else think the old song they were playing in the backround in the scene with the 2 As was a reference to earlier in the episode when it was said Ezra has old taste in music?

    • sara

      yes, that’s what I though two.

      • Lucylu


        Please go to school and learn how to spell, instead of making this world look bad. Oh and don’t forget to capitalize the first letter of a sentence, and add a period/exclamation mark at the end.

  • hamdi

    i think Spancer becuse a snack was in the dressing room with her

  • Hadley

    I love PLL! Haleb is so adorable!!!