7 Couples That Should Never Ever, Ever Get Back Together

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With her latest single, Taylor Swift has produced the exact opposite of Cher Lloyd‘s “Want U Back.” We love ’em both, but sometimes a little T. Swift is EXACTLY what we need — and exactly what celebs need, too. It’s not up to us, but here are seven famous ex-couples who should definitely make “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” their theme song:

Rihanna and Chris Brown
Um, obvious much? They’re the definition of a toxic relationship. Onto better things, RiRi!


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
No one even knows their relationship status at the moment, but as much as we want to return to the old days of Robsten, some things are tough to forget…


Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama
It’s not just the 12-year age difference, it’s the fact that the last time we cared about Wilmer, he was on That ‘70s Show. And the last time we cared about Demi, it was… ALWAYS.


Alex Pettyfer and Dianna Agron
We’ve heard Alex has a bit of a temper and things didn’t end smoothly with our darling Quinn Fabray. Also, did anyone notice that they looked a little bit related? Just sayin’.


Katy Perry and Russell Brand
Because Katy should be the one in the relationship with the craziest hair.
Plus have you seen the Katy Perry movie? We’re totally on her side.


Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries
Note to self: You should never marry someone with the same first name as your mom.


Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas, John Mayer, Taylor Lautner…
(or Basically ANYONE She’s Ever Written a Song About)
Ahem. Try and get back together after that.

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  • joely

    who saw breaking dawn or twightlight and all thos there a good couple why did they break up

  • iou

    wwwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  • I ‘m awesome and i know it

    I sooo tots agree i mean who would think that Katy and Russel are good together????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      NO THERE NOT ewwwwwwwww

  • hannah shane


  • Michelle

    You Look SOOOOO cute together Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner!!!!!!! :)

  • Natsumi

    Haha, good job You have a lot of cool videos! If annoye wants to watch more Taylor videos, I have too! Don’t get me wrong! I don’t want to use this video so you are gonna watch mine! Just if you FashionLover96 ♥♥♥♥♥♥ doesn’t have the video you want ♥♥

  • Erika

    Why was Taylor Swift even there? Dress is too short and wrong color for her? Poor Jake, he must feel like she is stalking him as he left as soon as she correned him by the bathroom

  • orville

    dianna agron is a beautiful lady.

  • Jane

    if taylor swift and taylor lautner got married they would both be taylor lautner!

    i just realized that, but i cant imagine taylor swift ever getting married…

    • Edgards

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    • Mike

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  • dul de jonas

    weeeeeeeeeee q lindo demi y

    • Ana

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  • Lola

    Completely agree with Brie. And that little video of Taylor Swift clearly shows how immature she is–that and her songs . . . Her inability to build-a-bridge-and-get-over-it when it comes to break-ups makes me think she is,indeed,very much a drama queen. She is a grown woman,she needs to act like one,not dwell on hurt feelings and publicly humiliate others.

  • Roy

    Does the fact that I don’t know half of these people means I’m old?

  • Your Mom

    wow this is funny

  • yasmine

    1.rihanna/chris brown:perfect couple but what had sadly happened should have never happened but it made her stronger as a women makeing her even more popular in pop culture an more insperational for all domestic abuse women to stand STRONG.
    2.rob/kristen:wat seemed like a perfect couple ends up the same as anyother celeb couple it was for the best though because kristen plays bella a lil to well in real life if they went back all they would have to do is spice up there almost perfect love
    3.demi/wilmar:trashy with classy not a good mix
    4.alex/dianna:long lost bro an sis DNA TEST ANYBODY?!
    5.katy/russell:like mixing up crack with candy they never mix russell is like a ”moccher” an not that ”funny” give it up ur not interesting!!!
    6.same old same old never would have made it better off with kanye
    7.taylor swift/her album:stop being a ”drama queen” honey its annoying acting like all your past releationships was something so so so sad that its good enough for a movie but get real adele is way more better than u its called being more happy about ur songs an yes u maybe ”americas sweetheart” because ur a pretty blue-eyed blonde but get real dissing ur exes is a very weak move u might as well thank them for giving u insperation for ur CRAPPY SONGS

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  • angelica

    demi an wilmer no no, never a ”cute couple” it was like mixing trash with class meaning demi= trashy ,wilmer = classy SIMPLE MATH PEOPLE!!!!

    • Goo

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  • yasmine

    robert an kristen where cute on twilight in real life NO kristen plays ”bella” a little to good in real life SOO BORING!!

  • lola

    I know someone that went to high school with Taylor Swift and she was apparently not the nicest.

  • Leia Skywalker

    I agree with Brie. Taylor Swift looks like the kind of girl that makes such a big fuss of everything.

  • kayla

    Chris would never she look better now

  • asotam11

    but you know who SHOULD get together??? TOM AND CHRIS c: why doe he have to be married uwu

  • Beth

    I think that is all right none of them should get back together.

    • NaDhia

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  • Chelle

    HAHAHAHA…oh Taylor, love you!

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  • Brie

    There must be something wrong with Taylor Swift, she looks like such a drama queen to me, a little (not to say a lot) clingy kind of girl.

  • Jia

    Joe jonas never ever is gonna get back with Taylor

  • december

    demi and wilmer ahhhhhhh so cute

    • Annah

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