WTFashion? The Worst Dressed Celebrities of the Week

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It’s Worst Dressed: Singers Edition! Well… actually, it wasn’t. But it sure looks that way considering all of ’em are musicians this week. Trust us, once you see what stars like Rita OraAvril Lavigne and Cher Lloyd were caught wearing (mini-glimpse above), you’ll understand.

Joe Jonas
There are butterflies on his shirt. We repeat, there are colorful butterflies. On his shirt.


Rita Ora
Ride ’em, cowgirl! This would totally be acceptable at a rodeo.
But for V Festival? Eh.


Avril Lavigne
Leave it to (recently-engaged!) Avril to pair what could possibly be a cute skirt/fedora ensemb with thick-brimmed red glasses and a rocker tee. (We know it’s from her own line, but still.)


Cher Lloyd
Its not just the skirt that made this look a WTFashion item.
It’s… wait, scratch that — it is the skirt.


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WTFashion? The Worst Dressed Celebrities of the Week
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WTFashion? The Worst Dressed Celebrities of the Week
  • Vincent

    Since when have pirates wieatd for invitations? (Well, apart from Stede Bonnet, obviously.) You should have vaulted the fence, parrot on shoulder and cutlass between teeth …

  • Alysia

    Avril looks great! i would so wear that! she shouldn’t be on here!

    • Sheila

      Laura,I am so excited to see the rest these are great!!!! You are an inecbdirle talent, I hope you can find that good balance because you are too good not to do this.

  • Maya

    … I really, really like Cher’s outfit. I wouldn’t wear it, but I like it a lot. I don’t like the other’s clothing choices, though.

    • Kyra

      Definitely agreed. Why is she on here??

  • Carla

    but Joe is so hot . He could be wearing a trash bag and still look amazing

  • Love Each Other

    …Um,, they’re ‘quirky’ celebs. They’re tryna be like Lady Gaga – different. That’s their style. They know it’s different to you but they still wear it because they think it’s different and outrageous and they like that.

    • Ariana

      totally right. everyone has their own style and shouldn’t be judged for what they wear. some people will like it and some wont. BIG DEAL!!