3 Reasons Why US Olympic Gymnast McKayla Maroney is “A” on ‘Pretty Little Liars’

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Tonight comes the biggest reveAL and biggest betrAyal in all of Pretty Little Liars history — we will finally find out who’s on Mona’s “A” team and who killed Maya. So is it a coincidence that McKayla Maroney, US Olympic gymnast and silver medal vaulter, hung out on the PLL set yesterday, just two days before the world finds out who the killer in Rosewood is? We think not. We think McKayla could kinda maybe sorta be “A.” Clearly we’re just joking around here but humor us, ok?

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1. She’s flexible. The number one requirements that “A” must have to keep their identity a secret is that they’re conniving, secretive, and pretty much everywhere. Since McKayla is an athlete, she has the ability to run quickly, think on her feet and, ya know, backflip with a knife if need be. Talented, guys.



2.She looks sweet but probably isn’t. McKayla’s “not impressed” face fits right in with the rest of the Rosewood residents — we bet McKayla is secretly friends with Jenna and conspiring with Noel and Lucas. She’s just got that mean girl look about her, ya know?mckayla-maroney-not-impressed

3. She came out of nowhere. We hear that tonight’s reveal will shock audiences and is probably the person we least expect. We least expect it to be McKayla because she’s just sooooo random. Nuff said. But at least if it came down to it, she’d have the rest of the Fab Five to back her up.



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  • Fernanda

    I agree with you, I like ’36 and ’68 too, they look super sweet!! ’92 is quite hysterical, that made me laugh. Karl Malone looks like his jkecat is a size too big or something. The new team outfits are nice and I like them, but I don’t like the big logo on the front either, it should be about them, not Ralph Lauren. Have a great weekend xx

  • zoe aka spencer

    can’t wate tail the new ones start to come on

  • emm

    it’s toby

    • MegaDirectioner:D

      You spoiled it D: @emm