PLL Recap: 5 Questions We Still Have After “The BetrAyal”

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Instead of recapping Pretty Little Liars like we usually do where we ask you to weigh in on which girl had the roughest night, we are switching things up a bit this week. 1. Because all of their lives sucked hardcore in last night’s finale, “The BetrAyal,” and 2. Because since it was the summer finale, it left us with 8 million questions. Clearly we don’t have time to answer all 8 million of them, but let’s break down the 5 biggies we still have after the episode (which, BTW, had us screaming/crying/throwing things at our TVS for all 60 minutes), and make sure to leave your own questions and predictions in the comments!

And BTW, do NOT read on if you haven’t watched the episode yet and don’t want to know what happened. Major spoilers ahead!

1. Who shot Caleb? And is he dead? We peed ourselves when we saw a body bag get pulled out in the first two minutes of the episode with Hanna screaming hysterically. OMG, Caleb don’t die! We found out by episode’s end that thankfully he wasn’t dead, but was still shot (with his own gun) and looked to be badly injured. Who shot him, though? Was it himself? Or Emily, since they were the only two up in the lighthouse together when Emily stabbed Nate? Or did he get hurt way after Emily and Nate came back down from the tower? Or maybe it was the “pink, furry lamp…”


ABC Family

2. Is Garrett off the Hook? It’s been revealed that Nate, whose real name is actually Linden, was Maya’s killer — nope, he wasn’t her cousin, he was her creepy stalker who was jealous of Emily for “winning” Maya. But we’re not convinced that he’s the only one guilty of murder in Rosewood. Sure, he killed Maya, but what about Ali? Why is Garrett suddenly released from jail? Is Rosewood going to just forget about Ali’s case and focus on Maya’s now?


ABC Family

3. What’s Maggie’s secret? Ok fine, the Ezra/Maggie storyline wasn’t a huge one in this episode (clearly we were too focused on the murders to care about a little baby mama drama), but we still haven’t forgotten what Maggie told Aria, “I’m not the only one here with a secret, Amy.” What does this even mean? Are she and Ezra up to no good? And why doesn’t she want to tell Ezra that he has a son?


ABC Family

4. How will Toby’s reveal affect Spencer? Yes, ladies and gents, Toby has been revealed as Mona’s accomplice on the “A” team. We kinda saw it coming once he came back into town and, ya know, had SEX with Spencer, but still, the reveal of him in the black hoodie was shocking with a capital “S.” So our main question here is, what’s gonna happen with Spoby? What will Spencer do if and when she finds out? And more importantly, what happened to Jenna/Lucas/Noel? Are they not involved at all? And is Paige completely off the hook?


ABC Family

5. How the heck did Mona escape the asylum? We guess the security is pretty loose in that place, because Mona dressed up as a nurse and escaped in order to help Toby execute their plan of revealing themselves to the girls at Ali’s grave. That never ended up happening due to a change of plans, so instead we just see Mona and Toby conspiring together at the end, saying they’ll see each other soon. Oh, and why did Mona go back to the hospital and not just stay escaped forever?


ABC Family

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  • lindsse

    About Toby being part of the A team…..remember way back in the first season? Everyyyonnee thought HE killed Ali…so it doesn’t shock me that much if he is a part of the A team, still hope he isn’t really though.

  • zoe aka spencer

    toby is so fine even though he is -A

  • zoe aka spencer

    wtf how is mona getting out

  • zoe aka spencer

    how is the f**** is mona gitting out

  • zoe aka spencer

    omg tobys -a but his still mine and i think nate was never dead and spencer hart will be broken

  • Alexis

    1.Caleb isn’t dead! I think Lindon shot him because this is going to sound weird but my mom likes PLL too and said that he would’nt have died that fast after getting stabbed.
    2. In my mind Garret still knows/did something because that smile he gave the liars was like “Gotcha Bitches!”. I don’t think he killed Ali but I think that he might have done something because when your in someones room the night they died you obviously know something.
    3. I don’t think she has a secret but I think she is going to try to get back together with Ezra and I think Aria will be ignored.
    4.Well we all know that Spencer is probably the smartest of the liars so she probably will figure it out soon. But I don’t think Toby is like bad but I think he might just be helping the liars by trying to get information about the A team. I think Spencer is going to be crushed for a few episodes after she finds out but then something big will happen that will get her out of the break up blues.
    5.I bet Wren let her out.

  • mayuri

    i have a feeling wren released Mona and gave her the id because A either blackmailed him or he’s part of the A team

  • cheri

    This was an awesome recap of the finale. I was so shocked when I saw Toby under the Hoodie working with Mona. I couldn’t watch the finale on Tuesday night when it air, so this morning I went onto Dish Online to watch it. I can watch several shows on there free and it even has previous episodes of some of the shows. I wanted to make sure I watched it before I got to work at Dish, so I could talk to my co-workers about the episode. This episode was amazing and I think it was one of the best. You got some answers, but it still left you with more questions. The Halloween episode looks like it will be really good, and hopefully we will find out who shot Caleb.

  • Victoria

    1. It can’t be Nate he was dead BEFORE Caleb got there [unless he suddenly was able to muster up enough strength to do so.] For some reason it might of been Emily because [i just rewatched that part] the two were hugging and he was shot in the abdomen UNLESS IF SOMEONE CAME UP FROM BEHIND HIM and shot him then. but idk that’s still all sketchy. and his gun was pointed towards where Emily was so in some way I think she would’ve gotten hurt too if it was Nate. So it either could’ve been Emily herself, or someone shot him from behind.

    2. I think he’s off the hook for now. I still think he’s apart of the A team. Although one thing I don’t get is why did Jenna warn Emily about Paige being the wrong person to hang out with. Remember that was in the previous episode before. That’s what bother’s me. I don’t think Jenna did it Maybe they are hiding something major between her and Garret. Right now [don’t hate me when I post my assumptions on who the killer is… ] the possibilities of the killer are :: Paige, Mona, Jenna, Garret, Jason [i don’t think it’s Noel,] Emily, or Spencer. [I know the last two are crazy but they both of motives but they are also last on the list.]

    3. I don’t know what the heck is going on about this. I don’t even know if this has something to do with the whole Alison thing. but hopefully we’ll find out more info on this in the next episodes.

    4. OMG my jaw dropped literally at this i almost started crying! i was like NO NOT HIM! I was like WTF! Lol Total major shocker. Although [i have PPL on DVD so i’ve been rewatching the episodes to get hints and what not], in one episode on Season 1 Toby said “I will make sure you don’t get hurt, or I will find out what Jenna is hiding” or something like that. So I have a feeling he’s just doing it to help out the girls without actually helping them. Like only he knows about it and stuff. I honestly don’t think he could be an “A” person I think he just wants to help out the girls [ I SO HOPE THAT’S THE CASE!!! ]

    5. I do think in a couple of previous episodes that she did manage to find a way to help herself escape and maybe she did have an “A” force member helping her out to escape. I really don’t see Mona hanging around with Toby though so I truly think he’s only helping out the girls and not really being “A”. being a secret helper remember during Season 1 they had two “A-s” one the B***** [don’t know if i can use bad lang. on here sorry!] and two the secret helper so it’s possible that maybe Toby has been helping them all along and they are making us think that Toby betrayed them. Though if he is A then it’s possible that he could’ve shot Caleb. So lol those are my thoughts so long I know sorry! :]

    • Tori

      You were saying that it bothers you to know why did Jenna warn Emily about Paige being the wrong person to hang out with. Well, I’m almost sure that Jenna wasn’t talking about Paige, she was talking about Nate.

      • Sarah

        Jenna didn’t warn Emily about Paige specifically…she just warned her about a “friend” of Emily’s. She probably meant Nate.

  • Kari

    1. The gun didn’t misfire and caleb didn’t shoot himself and it wasn’t Emily either! Obviously it was nate or Lindons last ditch attempt of killing Emily but it hit Caleb instead. Then nate just died. Yes the fact that they didn’t say by the end of the episode that he was alright there still is a possibility that something may happen to him but I doubt it.

    2. Garret was released because Emily revealed that Nate was Mayas killer and they didn’t have enough evidence towards pinning Garret to Ali’s murder but they thought they did towards garret killing maya. But Emily proved that wrong so he was released.P.S How do we know that nate did kill maya? He said he loved her so why would he kill her? And whywould he say you took her away from me to emily?

    3. When maggie said “im not the only one with a secret here, Amy.” She was talking about how she wouldn’t tell ezra about Aria coming and finding her pretending to be her student helper as long as Aria didn’t tell Ezra that Malcolm exists before maggie told him herself.

    4. Paige is not involved but is trying to be framed by the A team, which may still include jenna/noel/lucas. We do know that there is 5-6 people who are in the A team so minus mona and toby (shudders) there still is 3-4 people. that could mean garret, melissa and jason or jenna, lucas and noel.

    5. In a previos episode I remember mona taking someones badge (can’t remember which one) which would explain the reason that she got out without being noticed. She probably just took someone elses clothes or got another A team member to give them to her somehow. And she went back so that when hannah or the rest of the gang comes to visit again they won’t realize she can get out and escape. She continues to be A with the others because no one suspects she can get out of the asylum.

    • Megan

      ARE YOU A!!! lmao thanks for explaining :)

      • Haley Longman

        Ha, seriously! Thanks Kari!

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    • Regiebels

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  • Katie

    1. I think the gun misfired when Caleb set it down. He probably had it ready to shoot since he was coming to save Emily and he didn’t disarm it because he was distracted.

    4. I don’t like Toby but I kind of think he might be a double agent. Like he’s maybe pretending to help Mona only to really help the girls. But it has always grossed me out that he had sex with his step sister, whether he wanted to stop eventually or not, he still did it! So he might just be a creep.

    • Marissa

      It didn’t. It was confirmed by a producer that Linden shot Caleb.

      • Julie

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  • dream


    • Cassie

      ME TOO! I cried and cursed and rolled all over the floor and I couldn’t get over it!!!!

  • Lindsey

    1. I don’t know who shot him but he probably isn’t dead because I don’t think that they would take away two of the boyfriends in one episode.
    2. Yes, he is completely off of the hook! I was starting to think that maybe he was innocent because sometimes the people that look guilty in the show are (like Paige). However, Toby got off of the hook and everybody thought that he was innocent. Also, that creepy phone call that they got where it said “Thank You, Emily” and then he looked at them and smile..creepy!
    3. I don’t know what Maggie’s problem is but I definitely think that she hiding something else besides her child. There has to be another reason that she won’t tell him that he has a kid. Maybe it wasn’t his? But her telling Aria that she isn’t the only one with secrets is sketchy!!
    4. Toby’s reveal is going to break Spencer’s heart! Hell, it broke my heart! Spencer isn’t going to be able to trust anybody anymore because she trusted Toby as much as she trusts the girls! It is going to be like Hanna and Mona again but worse because she really loves Toby. I mean, she just had sex with him! Spencer had sex with A haha
    5. Mona escaping is crazy! I don’t think that the man really looked at her face, he just looked at the card! But what’s crazy is what did she do to the nurse to get her uniform and he ID card. I think that she went back because if it was announced that she had escaped, the girls would know and it would ruin her and Toby’s “plan”. Plus, she knows that she can escape again!

  • Chrissy

    i cried when I saw Toby in that black hoodie….no joke. I didn’t see it coming AT ALL!

  • Tiffany

    1. It’s fully possible that Nate wasn’t fully dead and shot Caleb. You know, like in the scary movies where you think the killer is dead but he still has enough energy to grab the weapon for one last stab or shot.
    3. I’m pretty sure the secret Maggie was talking about is the fact that Aria went to go see Maggie under a false name and knows about Ezra’s son and didn’t tell him right away.
    5. Yeah, you got me on that one. You would think that the employees at the asylum would recognize the faces of the patients.

    • Ashutosh

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  • Lindsay

    Am I allowed to still love toby?!
    He is to hot to hate!

    • Chrissy

      i agree! im still on team toby until we hear more about that situation…

    • Laura

      Me too. I love him anyway 😀

  • Tori

    First of all, I think that Nate was the one who shot Caleb. I guess he wasn’t complitely dead when Caleb put his gun away. Talking about Garrett…. Well, I think his very suspicious. I definitely think he has something to do with the A team. The biggest shocker of this season yet – The big reveal that Tobi is the part of the A team – wasn’t such a shocker for me. I’ve always had a suspicion that Toby isn’t on the girl’s side. But then again nothing on this show is ever the way it seems. It’s possible that Toby is pretending to be on the A team to help the girls out. Oh! And I have one question. Did Nate really kill Maya? Did he admit it or something? How do they really now it was Nate. I might have missed that part. I need to watch this episode again and pay more attention to details. BTW sorry for my english. It’s my second language.

  • Tiff

    Totally agree, especially on the Mona comments! She gets busted for sneaking into other areas of Radley, but they don’t notice that she sneaks out of the area and into town? I wonder if Wren is helping Mona and Toby communicate. And Toby on the “A Team”? We don’t know for sure, but many fans (including myself) are making ourselves believe that Toby is only part of the “A Team” so he can help the girls from the inside. Yes, the call to Emily may have been a little hint, but I don’t believe it has been confirmed by any of the writers yet. This was truly an amazing, crazy, heartbreaking episode! Can’t wait to see what’s in store!

    • Chrissy

      Toby hates Wren because Spencer drunk-cheated on him with her! So I think Wren is completely harmless.

      • Tiff

        Very true! But hey! Anything can happen on this show.

  • NICA

    omg my thought exactlyy