10 Things We Love About Miley Cyrus

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Oh, Miley (soon-to-be-Hemsworth) Cyrus. The newly-blonde bombshell has been getting a lot of heat lately, but between getting engaged young to saying goodbye to the bun that has its own Twitter account,  we all know that she’s just bein’ Miley. But no matter if you love her or secretly hate her, you can’t deny that these 10 things make her pretty awesome.

1. She has five dogs. Yes, five. They’re all adopted, all adorable, and all give her slobbery kisses every single morning (which she almost always tweets a picture of). Way to make us even more jeals, Miley.


2. She can literally just chop her hair off and still look fabulous.  Well, someone definitely isn’t afraid of change! When her stylist tweeted a picture of the bun she was about to say goodbye to, everyone in the world was screaming “noooooo!” to their computers. Then, she posted a picture of her new ‘do. Long hair, short hair, whatevs — she can rock it.


3. She loves her fans. Some celebs take their fans for granted, but Miley def doesn’t. When she was recently at Starbucks, she even let a group of them watch her pup for her while she was inside. And her fans clearly love her, too. You guys voted Miley and Liam the best celebrity couple on Teen.com!


4. She’s not afraid to try new things. From cute little country star to pop princess to, umm, dubstep goddess? We def didn’t see her new single with DJ Borgore coming, but we’re not complainin’.

5. She’s confident enough to take pics of herself without makeup. Crazy hair or not, we wouldn’t mind rolling out of bed every morning looking this glamorous.


6. She isn’t afraid to stick up for herself. When people bash Miley, she isn’t afraid to tell it like it is and make sure her fans know what’s true and what’s not. When she got engaged, everyone was making comments about her being too young. But we don’t care what age you are. When Liam Hemsworth proposes to you, you scream “yes.”


7. Her bod. OMG. Yeah, we’ve all seen the pictures of her newly-sculpted pilates bod, and we can speak for everyone when we say, “SERIOUSLY, MILEY?!” Time to roll out the pilates mat and do some work ourselves.


8. She has killer style. Whether she’s on the red carpet or just taking her dogs on a walk, all eyes are on her. And the girl always knows how to make a statement. (Although it’s not always in a good way.)


9. She’s everywhere. From this month’s cover of Marie Claire to a upcoming appearance in Two and a Half Men alongside Ashton Kutcher, the world clearly can’t get enough.

Marie Claire

10. She’s engaged to THIS guy. We figured he deserved his own number on this list. You’re welcome.


The Best of @Mileys_Bun on Twitter!

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  • Destini

    i love u miley but theres something wrong with ur hair

  • Bella

    No,i don’t like

  • Laura

    Miley is just amazing.
    I don’t care what anyone says about her. She’s my biggest rolemodel and I love her. <3

  • Mhar :) ♥

    She is FABULOUS ! :) That’s just it:) She’s FAB. ! :) i love her soooooo much, even though people keep on saying that Miley is UGLY and She SUCK. i don’t care becoz i LOVE HER :)

  • miley is ugly

    she sucks

  • Brenna

    This is stupid. Half of these reason are laughable. She’s everywhere? You named 2 places. Great counting skills.

    She doesn’t stick up for herself either. She whines on twitter and complains about everything. Her future husband is decent at best, at least he doesn’t crave attention like she does.

    Clearly I don’t love her, and judging by your comment second no that many people do.

  • Lola

    I was interested to see what reasons were listed. But I could never love anyone who dares cover a Nirvana song and fails. So painfully badly. Especially since they used to wear a blonde wig while singing terrible music and worked for the evil corporation that is Disney.