Quiz: Are You a Directioner or a Directionator?

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It’s easy to say you’re a fan of One Direction. But what type of fan is an entirely different story. Who’s Hazza? Or Boo Bear? And vas happenin’? If you have even a clue as to what we just said, then you could be ‘Directioner’ status. If not, well… we’ll just see. Quiz it up to find out if you have what it takes to be considered a top 1D fanatic!


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  • Samantha Real Directioner

    omg i got all right i really love you guys btw and if u ever read this plzzz come to trinidad

  • animobg


  • shyanne

    I am a huge fan of you guys& I also a big DIRECTIONER l love you ZAYN

  • Louisgirl1D


  • AprilStyles

    1D is PERFECT! 😉

  • nicola*

    I got 93 %you guys who are haters you have nothing beter to do with you’re life those boys work hard to get were they already are and you’re just jelouis people like you donot. Deserve awesome people making musick like zayn,niall,harry,louis,liam grow up you low life

  • chantelle mardon

    directioner all the way

  • Maya

    I like the songs what makes you beautiful, one thing, and living while we’re young. But I don’t like up all night.

  • michell

    me two love u all ^.^

    • GrammerNazi

      You mean me too. God, are there ANY other teenagers today who can actually use grammar properly?

  • nialls gf

    i got all of them right :)

    • michell


  • CanonInDMajor

    Anybody who thinks these idiots can sing is deluded. That’s Americans for you. Go and listen to some Mozart to unscramble your brains.

    • Angelica

      No need to be rude. There’s different types of music because there’s different tastes… that doesn’t mean yours is better than mine or mine is better than yours… the type of music you listen to doesn’t necessarily measure your intellectual, so take a chill pill.

      • ZaynndHarryx’ ;D

        We are the best’,so we are One Direction,or 1D!

      • Pachelbel

        I would if I was wrong. And I’m not being rude, I’m simply echoing the valid views of many respected and established music critics. I have the right to my opinion. Also, it’s clear that in 20 years, nobody will remember One Direction, it’s just a silly teen phase. If anybody here had any ACTUAL musical knowledge, then they’d recognise real music when they saw it. Sadly, I don’t think you’d recognise real music if it danced naked in front of you wearing Dobby’s tea cosy.

    • Kittty

      you freaking retard go back to your toilet you piece of poop i listen to mozart and one direction i listen to all types of music just die oh and they are nt o idiots get your brains unscrambled you poop head and you have jb as your thumbnail shut up and go jump off a cliff (t-__-t)

    • qrt24y53

      please just die no one likes ypu i have better musical knowledge then you narrow minded retard

    • Kitty

      kill yourself

    • Kitty

      i’m sorry for saying killyourself i saw amanda todd but stop being a snobby brat

    • sorry

      sorry for saying kill yourself i will never say that again

  • ChellzPanda

    Awesome 100%! btw i have tickets to your guys concert next year!! DIRECTIONER FOR LIFE!!:)

    • Niamforever

      Can I have them

  • Nouis

    I got 90% because I didn’t pick Larry. Oh well.

  • 1dluvr

    awesome!!!! i got 10/10 correct!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)