Justin Bieber Tweets Shirtless Pics to Show Off His New Tattoo

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Well, Justin Bieber certainly knows how to divert attention to himself, but unlike with that whole Fisker paparazzi chasing incident, this time the Biebs is getting the good kinda attention. Over the long weekend, Justin took to Twitter, of course, to tweet a photo of himself lying in bed shirtless to show off the new ink on his upper right chest:

We think the crown can mean many things — King of Pop, King of Celeb Couples, King of basically everything, but the Biebs didn’t reveal the meaning of the ink just yet. But we give it a few days before the truth comes out.

And we have a feeling that Justin didn’t only strip down to show off his fresh ink. Bieber is also nominated in the 2012 MTV VMAs category for Most Share-Worthy Video, and him and One Direction are pretty neck-to-neck. So 1D and JB fans are battling it out on Twitter to see who wins, kinda like they did in our very own celebrity battle. So maybe Bieber stripped down to get more votes? Whatever works, bro.

Oh wait! We were right! Later, Justin posted the pic below to go along with the first one, with the caption: “getting out of bed is too difficult. I think i hit the snooze button 20 times this morning #votebieber. So you heard the kid. #VoteBieber, guys! All you gotta do is go here to place your votes. And then you can cheer up sad Bieber!



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  • mrs.bieber

    Justin Bieber, your the only one thats ganna win dis!Ignore the haterz just leamm talk talk talk

  • justin

    justinbieber i love you joelia kiss me joelia

  • joelia

    joelia i love you justin bieber beba

  • joelia

    JUSTIN BIEBER love you me joelia

  • Maryrose Argamosa

    i Love you Justin Bieber :( i hope you wiLL FOLLOW me in twitter that is my dream .. and my big BIG dream is to see,meet and bonding w/ you .. i hope one day my dreams come true :( i aLways support you bieber :)

  • John Wisticnire

    The crown means something, King of the faggots.

  • kayla

    do whatever you want dont let anybody tell you different. its your life not theirs go live your life the way you want.

  • Emily

    i love beiber and i would pick him any day over one direction

  • MegaDirectioner:D

    Ok, seriously? That low, even for beiber. I honestly dont think hes gonna get more votes just because hes exposing himself. And whats even worse is that that he actually put #VoteBeiber attention hog much?

    • Burkyyy

      Uhmmm … hes not showing nothing bag and if your that much of a prude .. why did you even comment??

  • CanonInDMajor

    What a total idiot and attention seeker. Go and die so God will let us have Pachelbel back.

  • breanna

    love it

  • rosalinda

    justin why did you have to do that p,lease no more tats ok im your num 1 fan and dont worry i still luv ya jb rocks