One Direction (US) vs. One Direction (UK) — Find Out Who Won the Big Lawsuit

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While One Direction‘s been keeping busy, preparing for the 2012 MTV VMAs (pictured below), confirming their new single, and debuting their fresh album cover, it’s almost hard to remember that they’ve been in the midst of a lawsuit since April. But after much deliberation, they’ve finally reached a settlement. Here’s what went down:


A couple months back, American One Direction sued the UK group of the same name for a whopping $1 million (plus a share of the royalties), suggesting that the U.S. band filed a trademark application prior to the British-Irish boys. However, Simon Cowell‘s company, Syco, was quick to fire back with a countersuit, accusing the USA troupe of attempting to “leech off of a more famous group’s success.” When the story first broke, fans of the foreign band stood by them, and allegedly attacked the opposing side, using words such as “chase” and “kill” in their hate mail.

But now, both parties have come to an agreement leaving each side pleased. The American band will now go by the name Unchartered Shores, while the UK lads will remain as One Direction. One can only guess that the reason the USA-born fivesome is satisfied is due to the “undisclosed amount” within the settlement discussed in the press release.

With that out of the way, One Direction (no need for UK or US anymore) can put all of their focus into their upcoming fall 2012 albumTake Me Home, as well as their first MTV VMA performance, this Thursday, September 6 at 8pm ET.

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  • ElvisThePelvis

    Pfft. One Direction make me ashamed to live in Britain. We have so many amazing acts, and yet american tweens focus on THEM. EUGH.

  • Alexa

    i dont think its right for american one direction to sue one direction! I think there just jealous cause there the best band in the world.

  • kali directioner foreva

    i didn’t know there were another 1D but im glad that our 1D won the battle i love them for ever<3<3

  • Emily

    I honestly didn’t think this was a problem lol. I mean with the international fame that 1D has, these little twits (sorry for the weird word choice :p) didn’t stand a chance haha xD

  • 1dluvv

    OH YEA THTS RIGHT NO ONE MESSES WITH THE DIRECTIONERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! luv my British-Irish boys♥ :) 1D 4EVER!!!!!!!

  • 1DLuver

    Alright!! :) Im just happy One Direction won-ish.