Victoria Justice Discusses Her Ideal Boyfriend & Love Life with ‘Teen Vogue’

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Back during its June/July 2012 issue, Teen Vogue got cover girl Miranda Cosgrove to discuss the potential end of iCarly. (Which we learned shortly after to be an inevitability.) And now, the glossy magazine’s got another soon-to-be-cancelled Nickelodeon show star gracing its front: Victoria Justice. But Vic’s definitely not letting the loss of Victorious get her down. In fact, during her October spread, she was a ray of sunshine. Here are some excerpts from her interview:

Although she didn’t directly mention her upcoming Fun Size flick — with Chelsea Handler! — she did discuss her love of comedic acting: ”I’m not afraid to put myself out there for the sake of comedy. I’m not afraid to take a pie in the face. I’m not afraid to look silly and make a fool of myself. It’s kind of thrilling for me.”

Teen Vogue

As for romantic relationships, she’s a bit less comfortable with divulging all the details:  ”I hate being so mysterious, but I feel like once you start talking, people want to know more. I don’t want to be the type of person to have my relationships plastered in magazines. The times the paparazzi have gotten pictures of me in my personal life, I’ve been completely freaked out by it, like, ‘How did they know I was here?’”

Side note — how much do the stairs below look like the ones in the The Kardashians’ house?

Teen Vogue

Okay, now back to Vic! What’s the ideal guy like for the actress? She admits, ”I like a guy who’s down-to earth, smart, into film and the arts, and who’s going to bring out the best in me.”

For more of her interview, plus pretty pictures, visit and check out a behind-the-scenes video of the cover shoot here:

Check Out Victoria Justice in Latina!

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16 Responses to "Victoria Justice Discusses Her Ideal Boyfriend & Love Life with ‘Teen Vogue’"

    Kelvin says:

    I like her movies and she is prety i just love her and wish she date Avan jogdia

    John chidgey says:

    I think victoria is the most gorgeous girl and she knows what to wear and say the right things to people

    Maya says:

    I saw fun size. It was a good movie. I don’t like victorious yet I liked fun size.

    orville says:

    victoria justice is so beautiful.

    Daniella Paige says:

    In my opinion pulling of really short hair is super hard, but she can obviously rock anything. SHES FANTASTIC.

      Sara says:

      why they put that skinny girl chnenal in their? she not even curvy? girls have the pressure to be thin now thy putting a skeleton up their not girls really gun starve sadd

    Sloane says:

    If that is will be her regular hair look for like, forever I will love her like, FOREVER. (Not to sound stalky ;p)

    Jessica says:

    Victoria looks so gorgeous in all her photos and she seems so down to earth in her interview! I can’t wait for Fun Size!!

    selena says:

    victoria you’re amazing

    Daniela Paige says:

    Wow she looks so beautiful! & she’s the perfect person to be on this cover! Love Victoria justice!

    Paris says:

    I love her so much! This is a totally different look for her, and she’s still flawless!

    Jonathan Whitter says:

    She looks amazing in these pictures! What a cool look!!

    Bruce says:

    Vic looks beautiful here too! I saw her in the Latina magazine and I didn’t think she could top herself but she definitely did

    Danielle says:

    Victoria justice is so stylish I am so jealous! Not to mention she is gorgeous!!

    Maxwell says:

    Victoria justice is simply beautiful no matter what

    michelle ann says:

    i love her way too much. SO STUNNING.

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