Quiz: Which Celebrity Clothing Line is Most Your Style?

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Happy New York Fashion Week, everybody! Designers, models and, of course, celebrities are out in full force to show off their new styles. So, in honor of NYC’s celebration of the best and most fabulous fashions of the season, we decided to test our Teen.com readers to see which celeb’s clothing line is most like you! Are you edgy or flirtatious? Does your personality shine through your wardrobe? Take the quiz to find out!


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  • Ashlyn


  • Jazline

    I’m Kim kardashian

  • Jazline

    I’m more tomboy

  • Avril Jennings

    I got Abbey Dawn cuz i am a little black star for life i also have a lot of abbey dawn! WHOO!

  • Katie

    I was a Kim Kardashian and i am actually Armenian like Kim. So i guess i take after my religion HOW FUN LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Justagirl

    katy,s nails are trending!

  • Sephora

    Taylor swift cuz she dress country people

  • raegan

    omg so love new movie lol

  • kayleewilson

    i thank that pop stars are just like ever one ales on this plan it ?

    • justinbieberlover

      celebs are just the same as other people but sometimes it can be hard to remember that

    • biebs

      celebs are just the same as other people but sometimes it can be hard to remember that

    • katiejohnsin

      me too but its hard to rememeber that

  • orville

    i loved the girly view i gave loving all.

  • Aleonilton

    You do AMAZING work!!LOVE all of them!Although, I think you might have made Kaitlyn look a little too grown up, or wait is she rellay growing up?

    • Vincent

      OMG I Love Them Miley is happy to see him again, they’re good friends I Love the pirctues and the coloring, What Coloring Did You Use??

      • bieberlover

        r u a guy???//

      • lauren

        r u a guy??

  • amorisca a.k.a amo

    I know it katty perry style………..I love selena gomez!!!!!

  • amorisca a.k.a amo

    I know it katty perry style

  • Lana

    How do you know it’s not Selena gomez

    • Lina

      Not to be rude or anything but I think that is Selena Gomez bscauee in one of the pictures there is Selena and her mom on the steps then it does a close up and I think that is her. But hey that’s my opion and I tottally respect urs.=)

  • brielle

    thats not style and i dont like selena gomez !! JUSTIN BIEBER IS MINE TRICK !

    • Lana

      Its so selena Gomez

    • Selena

      Justin is good but that was the worst comment I ever heard of Selena is better