Is That Really Demi? 8 Pics Where Demi Lovato Looks Like Other Celebs

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Not to sound cocky, but when it comes to Demi Lovato, we’re pretty sure we can recognize her. We’ve followed her from As The Bell Rings to Camp Rock to Sonny with a Chance, listened to all three of her albums again and again, and even watched her MTV special, Stay Strong, more than a few times. But even we were put to the test with these images. Is it just us, or does Demi… not look like Demi in these eight photos?

Is it Demi Lovato or Lady Gaga?
With that matching pout, blonde-gray waves, black hat, sunnies, and austere expression, these two are definite twinsies! When Demi posted this photo on Twitter, we could have sworn she was a Gaga impersonator.


Is it Demi Lovato or Kim Kardashian?
From the seductive eye makeup to the plunging sparkly neckline, this is how we know Demi and Kim are actually BFFs. (It’s not just an Internet hoax!)


Is it Demi Lovato or Anne Hathaway?
Look at the bangs on young Demi/Anne! Did you do a double-take too?


Is it Demi Lovato or Debby Ryan?
Here, these two Disney darlings have matching hair, bubblegum pink lips, and perfectly pinchable cheeks. Adorbs.


Is it Demi Lovato or Katy Perry?
Both rocking “normal” hair colors! Look at that!


Is it Demi Lovato or Mary-Kate Olsen?
We’ll be nice and assume Demi’s smudged liner and messy waves are an homage to Mary-Kate’s hobo chic look.


Is it Demi Lovato or Rumer Willis?
Fire engine red hair is a showstopper, especially at that length. And we’re preeetty sure Rumer rocks a hipster fedora and retro glasses in her everyday life too.


Is it Naya Rivera or Demi Lovato?
Besides the arched brow and the glamorous waves, it’s the Latina attitude. So sassy.


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  • sali angel

    she realy look like Debby ryan Oh my God Debby Ryan is copying Demi Lovato and the movis of Debby ryan to the dj rebel is magnifiq et androwabl 😉

  • Dani M.

    Don’t ever compare her to Debby Ryan!!!! Debby Ryan is copying Demi Lovato in everything and she’s tone deff! Demi can sing!!!!

    But yeah, she does kinda look like the OTHER people in the picks.

  • Candy Smith

    Oh! She is really beautiful. I love her. And she does looks like Katy Perry.

  • Allison Malone

    She doesn’t even look like any of these celebs.. especially not Lady Gaga. Also, I never even saw people with colored tips until Demi and then all these celebs like Britney and Christina colored their hair tips.

  • Allison Malone

    She is not a copycat. She always dyes her hair different colors and I highly doubt she made herself look like these celebs.. She probably didn’t even realize it. Good grief people..

    • Allison Malone

      She also doesn’t even look like any of these celebs.. especially not lady gaga. Oh and also, I never even saw people with their hair tips pink and blue until Demi. Then Britney and Christina got colored tips.

  • Fatıma Zehra

    Haha she’s so wannabe 😀 😀 😛 LoL,and get owned 😀

  • Cyndi

    I really don’t see how she is a copy cat. Every look she puts her own unique twist on it and she is human so if she likes something on another celebrity and wants to try it she can!

  • Kássia

    OMG that’s a crime, rest her! Gosh Demi is a girl who like changes! From who she copy the pink and blue hair? Sorry if she goes with trends, that doesn’t make her a copy cat, but a human being! Urgh get a life wtf?

  • Gabi S

    I love her to death but come on what a coppyyyyyy cat!!!!! Demi let me break it to u start ur own trend ok!