Caption This Funny Photo of Rihanna and Katy Perry at the 2012 MTV VMAs!

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Um, if we’re being honest here, we wanted nothing more than to squeeze ourselves in between BFFs Rihanna and Katy Perry at Thursday night’s MTV VMAs. Not only because they’re two of the biggest things in pop music right about now, but also because we are just about dying to know what the ladies talked about. Lousy celebrity ex-boyfriends? Dinner plans after the show? World tours, platinum records and other superstar things? We don’t even know, but we do know that this pic of the two gals (where Katy is kinda sorta eating RiRi’s shoulder) is too hilarious not to think about:



You know what to do. Caption this bad boy below (aka tell us what the girls were thinking and talking about and make your submission as funny as possible). But first, check out the conversation in GIF form. Maybe these will help you out (and make you LOL uncontrollably):

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  • Jessica

    They are gay katty stop it u look gay.
    Rihanna are u and katty play in each other parts.

  • Isabella

    Rihanna: What are you doing?
    Katy: Nuh-thing …
    Katy: Aw, what? I think I’ll take a nap.
    Rihanna: Yeah, sure. Just don’t drool on me. Okay?
    (I think the first picture was taken after the second.)

    • ashanta

      weird right

    • ashanta


  • mary udunma kalu

    umm katy is little romantic.. Main looking at them ,they ‘re more than just a pals.. This is a act of a lesbian

    • ashanta

      they r

  • Osjah

    Okay, for the first one “where have you been all my life!” Second “oh shiz, i messed up the words to one thing” third “I’d tap that”

    • ashanta

      i will never do that

  • kathryn clark

    1st pic my computer is slow so when i first looked it looks like katy was going to kiss someone !
    the second one Rihanna is like i will will win this tapping comtest Katy haha in your dreams!!

  • Maddy

    Katy Perry: Your shoulder…. it smells like…..bubblegum….I thought… it might…taste like it….if I had…. just a little.. nibble… of it….
    Rihanna: Nope…. sorry
    Katy Perry: I want… just a little taste…
    Rihanna: Look if you don’t stop, I’m going to annoyingly tap your thigh until you stop….
    Katy Perry: FINE… I can do it back!

  • lottie

    they’re so cute